Mortgage in Ukraine cheaper

23.10.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | Mortgage in Ukraine cheaper Contrary to fears, mortgages cheaper in Ukraine. This is according to "Index KreditMarket mortgage."

According to the report 'Index KreditMarket "mortgage index fell by 1.15 percentage points, reaching the previous value at 20.37% (effective rate of hryvnia per annum). Data received as of October 12, 2011

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Denis Rakowski, director of sales "KreditMarket" noted that "Over the past since the previous measurement for two weeks once the two banks on our list have reduced the nominal rate on the mortgage. In addition, decreased and the minimum bet on the "Index KreditMarket mortgage" on the basket of banks whose data is included in the calculation - from 19.71 to 18.96%.

In general, this reduction is due to the desire of banks to increase the attractiveness of mortgage loans, is not particularly popular due to the lack of effective demand. In the short to medium term we expect growth in effective mortgage rates due to the increased cost of resources. "

Recall, as of September 28, 2011 "Index KreditMarket mortgage" was 21.52%. This value was established on September 14. Prior to that, for more than a half months (July 21), the value of the mortgage index was steady at 20.37%.

For the record: "index of mortgage KreditMarket" - is calculated based on loans granted to 70% purchased in the secondary market apartments for 10 years. Promotional offers or loans to bail shall not be considered withdrawn. The scheme of redemption - Annuity, in the absence of such proposals - a classic. Currency - the hryvnia. Total - 400 thousand UAH. (The cost of apartments - 571.5 thous.)
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