Mortgage has become more accessible

12.05.2011 12:35
Articles about real estate | Mortgage has become more accessible Banks are willing to give mortgages to borrowers with a salary in envelopes.

During the six months that have elapsed since our last review of the mortgage (it was published in October 2010), mortgage violently, as in spring blossom. Judge for yourself, says today.

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First, the number of banks that offer mortgage loans to customers increased from autumn 1930 to the present more than 40. Our table shows the 22 mortgage lenders with the most interesting terms of mortgage loans.

Secondly, and more banks declared their readiness to lend its "primary", and not just from developers, partners. And, of course, the most important thing is that under the terms of the mortgage has returned to pre-crisis positions.

RATES. First of all, severely reduced rates. Since the autumn of 2010, according to observations Supervisory Board Chairman of Bank Center "Alexander Okhrimenko, rates on average lower by 1-3%, and department head of credit products OTP Bank Svetlana Spitsyna noted that in some cases, lower rates reached 7%. Thus, the fall rate of the loan were in the range of 16-28% per annum, and now - 11-22% in local currency. As before, among the lowest - the so-called floating rates on loans (interest rates are regularly reviewed and may either decrease or increase). Instead of 6 banks in the autumn "floating" loans given for 10 banks, while interest rates on them mostly from 12 to 16%.

contributions. But, according to Alexander Okhrimenko most importantly - do not bet, and reducing the down payment. Now several banks can take credit for their homes, with only 20-25% of its value, whereas six months ago, it was necessary to at least 30% of the cost.

DATE. Completes the attraction of unprecedented generosity of the increase in mortgage loan terms: the fall of all 9 banks on our list were willing to stretch the purchase of an apartment for 20 years, and now they have 13.

REQUIREMENTS. Thus, in our opinion, the main factor "warming" is to alleviate the mortgage banks' claims on the solvency of potential borrowers. As we have written (see the room from April 13), banks are again willing to consider loan requests from clients salaries in envelopes. Previously, it focused mostly on auto loans, and now works on the mortgage.

"The analysis of solvency, we take into account not only the borrower's income, but also his family members who are guarantors. Since late last year, we started to work with borrowers who receive income from business activities. Another innovation: if the borrower makes the first payment 50%, the bank will treat more loyal to the assessment of his income "- told us the head of the mortgage VTB Bank Alexander Borsevici.

A similar message is hanging on the official site "Ukrainian Development Bank:" When you pay the client an initial payment of 50% or more of the mandatory proof of income do not necessarily need only reference that the borrower officially employed or a certificate of any (including minimum ) income. " But alas, such concessions are not all the banks.

Whom and how much MAKE

But we must admit that, despite the easing of credit conditions, mass mortgage and did not. While some banks soften the requirements for borrowers, while others are introducing new checks. "There are times when banks are asked to confirm information about large profits, especially issued by smaller companies reporting, which is fed to the tax", - said Alexander Okhrimenko.

So that the mortgage is still the case chosen. Alexander Borsevici described the portrait of a mortgage borrower: "Most employees of large companies with revenues of more than 8000 USD. The average age of the client - 30-45 years. Half received the loans - the inhabitants of the capital, followed by the number of loans Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Lviv.

According to Alexander Okhrimenko, today, loans for apartments in the main taken by those who make a purchase with the sale - selling your apartment, buy another and take the remaining amount, usually about 10% of the price of new apartments and only 3-5 years. Indirectly, this information is also supported by the director of retail business "Erste Bank" Tatiana Nadtochy, according to which, the average amount of mortgage today - only about $ 20 thousand

When conditions are softer

Experts "Today" do not expect a further easing of credit conditions. "Rates have reached the optimal values. Their further reduction is possible in the case of reducing the cost of resources (including the interest rates on deposits. - Ed.) Or lengthening their time ", - the director of the main retail business management Pravex Bank Taras Kirichenko. The same opinion and Alexander Borsevici. The expert adds that to the mortgage has become popular, support for the loan from the state, as it is done, for example, in Russia (since February, here is the program of Mortgage with state support, for which credit can be taken by 11% per annum).

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