Mortgage dehydrated until spring

15.10.2011 08:15
Articles about real estate | Mortgage dehydrated until spring Mortgage portfolios of commercial banks continued to fall for eight months of this year the volume of bank loans to purchase real estate shrank by 5.5%. In the optimistic scenario of the market decline may pause next year.

According to the National Bank, the balance of public credit debt on loans borrowed from banks to purchase real estate construction and renovation at the beginning of September was 77.5 billion UAH. Thus, for the first eight months of the mortgage portfolio of the banking system declined by 4.5 billion UAH. (Or 5.5%).

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Despite the availability of supply in the market, the demand for mortgages from the population is virtually nonexistent. At the same time and in a number of banks that offer this service to be recognized that special attention to this segment now, do not pay interest due to the small population and the risk of long-term investments, writes the Economic News.

At the moment of the 50 largest banks by assets real estate loans to about twenty, and in theory now to get an apartment loan in 10-20 years when there may be 30-50% down payment and at rates ranging from 17-18% per annum. However, this cost of borrowed money can not afford the public.

"Today the real estate market is practically not developed because of too high interest rates on mortgage loans. Banks have to provide for the cost of long-term credit risks fluctuations in the value of liabilities, - the chairman of board of bank "Forum" Vadim Berezovikov .- to predict the value of money in 10-15 years, who takes such a loan is almost impossible. "

Deputy chairman "Industrialbank" Margaret Ladyzhenskaya believes that the restoration of the mortgage market will take another few years. "Banks are not willing to make loans on the terms offered to the crisis, it refers primarily to the financial requirements of the borrower and the lending terms and interest rates", - explains it. As a result, banks' mortgage portfolios reduced naturally: with a minimum amount of new loans in the process of loan repayment, richly handed out before the crisis.

As the senior analyst "Troika Dialog Ukraine," Yevgeny Grebenyuk, despite the attractive interest rates in the advertising of individual banks, to get a loan to buy an apartment under the effective interest rate (including all commissions) below 18-20%, almost unreal. "Under such a bid man go for a loan only when absolutely necessary. Cheap loans before the crisis was only in the currency. Now they are banned, because I think the mortgage lending continue to slow as the class of contract ", - he predicted.

Therefore, the borrowers prefer to sit on the fence. "There are very few borrowers meet the requirements of financial institutions. In addition, the market is not speculative demand, because people expect that prices would fall, "- explains the causes of stagnation mortgage analyst" Erste Bank "Marian Zablocki.

However, some drivers of growth of the mortgage market is still there. According to Vadim Berezovikov one of those can be a cost index of deposits of physical persons proposed by the National Bank. It is assumed that banks would be for him to tie their credit supply. "Banks have been able to avoid risks, having the opportunity to use a floating rate. Recently introduced National Bank deposit index is quite capable to fulfill the role of a basis for its calculation, "- said the expert.

Potential drivers may be, and the establishment of the company to refinance mortgages, announced State Bank. This company will be releasing secured loans already issued bonds and the proceeds sent to the commercial banks for new loans. "The new initiative is state-owned banks on the securitization of mortgage will give a little impetus to the market, but the qualitative changes will occur only if the offer really low interest loans will become permanent. For that we need systemic change, or return of foreign currency lending, "- said Eugene Grebenyuk.

Thus, under favorable circumstances, decline in mortgage portfolios may pause in the next year. "Despite the fact that this year growth failed to offset the amortization of the loan portfolio in the next year we hope to equalize the rate of growth and depreciation" - says Svetlana expectations Spitsyn, head of credit products of OTP Bank.
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