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06.09.2010 15:18
Articles about real estate | Mortgage alive Despite the risks, which make the purchase of mortgage loans in the primary market for banks uninteresting agency resumes issuing such loans.

Thus, in the summer 2010 the number of banks that issue such loans, has nearly doubled - to 12 institutions, according to the Association of Ukrainian Banks. Minimize their risks banks that offer secured loans are an alternative property in the secondary market or the purchase of apartments in their chosen sites.

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According to the company Prostobank Consulting, the number of banks providing loans to buy real estate in the primary market for five years, three months of the summer has nearly doubled, from six to eleven agencies. Such a strong supply growth has occurred despite the fact that the market is "primary" is very risky for banks. Even the market is more robust "secondary housing has demonstrated an increase only on the two banks, up to 15 entrants.

Despite this significant increase in supply, the rates for this period almost never dropped. Average real interest rate on mortgage loans on its "primary" for five years over the past three months fell by 0.49 percentage points, up 22.37% per annum. For comparison, the average rate on mortgages in the secondary market for five years for the same period fell by 1.19 percentage points, up 23.32% per annum.

Of the 50 largest banks, mortgage loans in the primary market offer of 12 banks, including:

• Bank Kievan Rus', Creditprombank, Bank Tavrika "bank" Forum ", Oschadbank, Piraeus Bank - adhered to the object under construction;

• BTA Bank, Index-Bank, Marine Transport Bank, Volksbank, Universal Bank - secured an alternative property in the secondary housing market;

• Kredobank - the security of buying property in any object.

Among the smaller banks, according to Prostobank Consulting such loans issued:

• Bank of Cyprus - the security of an alternative property in the secondary housing market;

• Ukrainian Development Bank - bail buying property in any object.

Recall, according to the president of the Union of Real Estate Specialists of Ukraine Alexander Rubanova, mortgages in Ukraine revived only in 2013.
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