More than half of long-term construction in Kiev have to endure

13.02.2016 00:15
Articles about real estate | More than half of long-term construction in Kiev have to endure Assets under construction in Kiev, the work on which ceased more than 5-7 years ago, we must endure for reasons of safety and cost-effectiveness. Finish the renovation and carry them with modern technological requirements will often be more expensive than to build on this spot a new building. Such an opinion was expressed by the head of the analytical department of real estate development company "Intergal-Bud" Anna Laevskaya. According to her, in the city have long been discussing the transfer of unfinished objects to new developers. Some investors even achieve through the courts the right to complete the house on their own instead of bankrupt companies. However, before proceeding to the active phase of the implementation of the ideas, it is necessary to inventory and select those objects that generally it is advisable to finish building. "According to our estimates, the problem of buildings not more than half of all subject to at least some further work. This is connected with improper preservation, and with legacy technology, which today is already more modern replacement. Moreover, some construction projects are frozen from the time of the previous crisis, that is their plan - one-bedroom apartments at 50-60 square meters. m, two-bedroom 80 square meters. m and two-bedroom at 100-110 square meters. m - do not correspond to the current needs of the buyers. A rescheduling is often impossible or very expensive ", - says Laevskaya. According to her, to date, the developers are ready to take on the completion of all the problem far objects. "Economically, the project can be profitable if the house sold no more than 25-30% of the apartments, it was in the process of closure is not more than 3-4 years. It is advisable that before such a facility will be introduced to the market, the city conducted a technical examination of the actual state of communication, designs and materials. In addition, these projects must obviously be exempt from the payment of shares, and payment of connection to the city networks should be on concessional terms, because their implementation already has a great social burden ", - the expert believes.

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