Money Tree will grow rich

30.10.2010 14:45
Articles about real estate | Money Tree will grow rich Science Feng Shui has been around for three thousand years. These techniques of ancient China are interesting, varied and sometimes unusual in terms of European citizens. Meanwhile, the use of Feng Shui knowledge actually has a positive effect on health, as well as emotional and financial well-being.

How serious are today to this science in Europe and the Americas, says, for example, such a fact: many companies and banks are invited to feng shui masters for advice and supervision of getting on their business. In this case, labor experts generously paid, which confirms the effectiveness of their actions and, therefore, Feng Shui techniques.

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Sufficiently significant symbol of prosperity and wealth, according to feng shui masters - money tree. In China it is called breadfruit, in Russia - jade. In science, it Crassula Ovata. Grow a money tree is extremely simple, it is only important to know some rules to the symbol of ancient Chinese began to work.

Money tree loves the sun, moderate watering and fertilizer for cacti. Determine the time of planting can only master of feng shui, because many factors are involved here - the terrain, energy, home, time of day and year, and more. In extreme cases, can land on the moon rising. Place the tree in the area of wealth, ie in the south-eastern part of the house.

Do not forget to dig into the pot with a money tree a few coins (preferably yellow in color - the color of gold), and a pot to put a few notes. To stimulate energy Ian tie the trunk of a tree the red ribbon, she will soon achieve the desired result.

Do not let the appearance of dust on the leaves. Timely watering and loose earth. Overabundance of moisture is harmful to trees, because may start root rot. Be alert: the upper layer of soil is completely dried out and start watering. With such little maintenance leaves of your trees are fleshy and juicy, and rich green color. That's when we can expect miracles from him.

And they will surely happen! Importantly, Feng Shui masters say, believe in it. This condition is the key. Your faith is really money tree will bring home good luck and wealth. Your positive thoughts, with whom you are caring for a tree, will carry the positive energy that helps the tree grow, and good luck to multiply. Your concern about the symbol of wealth really bring you financial success.
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