Modern villa: the variety and styles

31.08.2010 07:00
Articles about real estate | Modern villa: the variety and styles Even in Roman times there were village (Villa rustica), and the city (Villa urbana) architectural complex of residential and commercial buildings. Rustic style villas rather worn industrial character in the complex were built, united around a courtyard with the house manager, etc. With regard to the urban villa, it was a more luxurious style country house with a garden, park (often terraced), galleries, baths, rooms for different classes and used mostly for recreation.

Construction of villas has evolved over the years. Eventually, it became a comfortable home with a garden in privileged areas. And in our time villa - it is mostly comfortable, detached large country house for one family.

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So we call all the many variations of structures, conventionally, they are divided into free-standing villas, puluotdelnye villas, villas in the complex, bungalows, houses, traditional style. The boundaries between these categories is very vague. For example, exclusive bungalows can simply call a detached villa, in fact only the principal criterion, which is different bungalows, is the presence of one floor. A villa, as you know, maybe two, and three-story. Traditional house, too, is transformed into a villa, when he finished in first class and restored. But all the same, define the difference, and find out what's what:

* Bungalow - in most cases, a small one-storey house (from 70 to 150 sq. km. M) with 2-3 (rarely more) bedrooms. There are bungalows and detached with private pool and garden, and in the complex, where the garden and swimming pool jointly owned by several owners.

* A house in traditional style - located in the mountains or foothills. Very often, it is old, but perfectly restored houses. There is a green garden and a large yard with a variety of business premises. The same house could be restored using the latest technology so that his traditionalism would resemble only the external style and location in some quiet village, which is rarely visited by tourists. If the size of the site permit, then in its territory can build a swimming pool.

* Semi-detached villas - have one common wall with neighbors, the other three - their own. There is a small garden. They are located in the complex - with a shared pool and garden. Typically, they come with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

* Private villas in the complex typically have 3 bedrooms. According to plan, they are similar to semi-detached villas with three bedrooms, but their size is somewhat larger. Usually larger and garden. There are complexes consisting of as all the major property types (apartments, villas), and only from detached villas that create a circle around a common pool. The main difference will consist in the fact that the pool will be swimming fewer people, as this complex, consisting only of the villas, but do the same and the content is divided in this case, fewer co-owners of the pool and garden, so it will be expensive.

* Individual villas come from the simplest to the most elite, who can safely be called mansions. Depending on the wishes and capabilities of the owner, they come with different number of bedrooms, swimming pool, garage, barbecue, etc. However, during the construction of such houses is taken into account not only the budget of the customer, but also the local construction standards. These requirements are prescribed taking into account seismic zones. In addition, buildings should fit into the surrounding area and consistent with the overall style does not obscure the view of neighbors is at a certain distance from the sea, etc.

In different parts of the world, has its own individual characteristics in the construction of villas. For example, Europe is characterized by detached villas, many of them in Italy, France, Spain and Croatia. They are private residences, the owners of which have served for a time, or have other housing. Houses here are completely different - the architecture, the level of comfort, interior ... In a separate category are - historical villa.

The Americans have their own traditions. In mainland USA and large islands (Cuba, Caribbean, Bahamas) is very popular holiday villa in the ultra-modern hotels and complexes, as well as in the mansions of the local population. Of course, here you will not see a building with ancient history, but all the ultramodern.

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