Modern homes - are dangerous!

28.11.2010 10:34
Articles about real estate | Modern homes - are dangerous! Which could threaten our health in their own home. American scientists have identified the main threats to health in modern homes. Digging and dust.

Dust causes a runny nose, eye irritation, respiratory infections and bronchitis. Also, doctors believe that prolonged exposure to dusty environment can trigger lung cancer. To deal with dust and soot is not so difficult. Requires high-quality ventilation especially over the kitchen stove, regular wet cleaning and airing.

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Furniture, carpets and adhesives are the source of formaldehyde. This substance is irritating to the skin, runny nose, cough, allergic reactions. Reduce the negative effects of formaldehyde can be in the house by maintaining high temperature and frequent airing of the room.

Tobacco smoke allocates nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, according to This can cause vision problems, headaches, runny nose, arrhythmia, and general malaise. In order to avoid adverse effects try not to smoke in the living rooms and especially in the kitchen, but if you do it hard, then regularly ventilate the apartment.
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