Misadventures of a tenant: the search and its implications

04.01.2011 19:39
Need to look for an apartment came to me "in the best off-season - in late November, when all the students, as well as other summer immigrants already got housing. In this regard, no problem, I did not foresee all the more so, according to real estate records, the market situation was calm. Browsing the Internet, at first I was left quite satisfied: suitable options seemed to be a dime a dozen ... My requests were not too narrow: studio or one bedroom apartment less than three stations from the ring, within walking distance of the metro on one of the five most convenient for me to branch. And though I was mentally prepared for high prices and weird hosts, reality has surpassed all my expectations.

The problem of prices

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The Moscow market rent does not scold only those who have never had business with him. And the first reason for this - fabulous rents.

monetMoskovskaya placer leases - one of the most expensive in the world. Not only because of own rates, but also due to the fact that 80% of the tenant at the entrance of new housing have to pay triple the amount of: payment for one month in advance, the deposit (it - pay the last month or security deposit) and agency commission. That is, to live in a modest apartment for 25 thousand rubles. a month, I need to have on hand 75 thousand apartments sometimes come without collateral or with lower fees, but it's only a question of luck.

In general, the variation in prices rather large: it all depends on your requirements and the degree of fastidiousness. Thus, in Moscow you can find one-bedroom apartment, even for 17-20 thousand per month. One of my friends took off six months ago for 17 thousand a spacious apartment in a ten minute walk from subway station "Youth". True, the apartment was nearly empty: a large part of the furniture had to buy more. For 17-18 thousand, you can also find an apartment and a hotel-type (a total area of 15-16 square meters. M) on the outskirts of metro stations, fully furnished, and even in good condition.

Over 20 thousand rubles. You can find a relatively decent furnished "odnushki" in Strogino Vykhino, Altufevo, the "planar", "Krasnogvardeyskaya" and in the other, the last two subway stations. Over 22 thousand rubles. My friend rented an apartment, even for "Bauman. However, very little in the "dead" state.

And already 25 thousand starting to fall quite decent options: apartments in good condition, with furniture. For 27-28 thousand actually find a studio to 1-2 stations on the Circle Line subway in good condition and with everything you need. Two-bedroom apartments are priced from 30 thousand

Brandenburg vorotaS one hand, the tenants of many world cities can complain about the same rates. For example, the average rate of rent studios in New York in Manhattan in November of this year amounted to U.S. $ 2100-2500, a single apartment - 2700-3400, a double - 3600-5200 dollars. In Brooklyn - 1600, 2100, 2700 dollars.

In London, prices start from 200-250 pounds per week for a studio in the outlying areas. In Paris you can rent a small studio on a nice price of 600 euros per month. True, the standard area of such flats - 13-16 square meters. meters (including bathroom and kitchenette). Apartment a little more, about 28 square meters. m, would cost somewhere in the 800 euros. Lower prices in Berlin, where you can rent a decent flat area for 600 euros.

Most major cities are also saddled with a tenant security deposit and payment services realtor (sometimes even greater than ours). And in Japan, such as renting an apartment tenant pays more and Wrekin - the so-called "gift" for the master keys in the amount of one or two monthly payments.

room in mansardeS the other hand, housing the world's capitals, not conceding in the price often wins in as. Even a tiny studio offering in attic floors of Paris, look much more attractive than most studio apartments, yielding in Moscow. Russian landlords, if we are not talking about VIP-segment is not too fond of to invest in repairs, especially if the apartment is well located. Even in a category worth more than 50 thousand, not all apartments are offered with high quality European style.

Almost free cheese

Of course, the dream of every tenant - to find the happy version, which would be cheaper to market. We are no exception. So when we saw accidentally hit site "Kvartirant.Ru, we immediately grabbed the telephone receiver. The resource is just gay with Option one is better than another. By calling the first issue, we heard a cheerful girl, who confirmed that the apartment there is! But, alas, shall be only for a short period of time. To the question "How short?" She hesitated and said that the object for sale and will only give up the deal.

dishonest real estate agent "exposed for sale" and surrendering to the "very short period of time" were all the other wonderful options, which we tried to find information. And in each case, cheerful agent on the side of the tube offered us to leave a phone with a promise to find something "is almost the same, but slightly more expensive." Finally, one of the numbers we answered the girl, who decided to go for broke. "I hope you understand that all ads on this site - just advertising? - She said. - These apartments are no and no. Therefore, you can contact me, or you can to any other agent. The base will still have all shared. Any advantages. All offer the same thing. "

The rental market, if we are not talking about exclusive luxury segment, all the agents actually use the same base. Therefore, if you want to save money rather than time, it makes sense to engage in independent research. Although for each detected variant will still be a Realtor, it is actually "bring down" his committee - even up to 50%. Sometimes even within advertisements shown trimmed commission - 80%, 50%, 30%. "But even if it is written 100%, we still bargain - told me a friend. - Referring to the fact that we ourselves have found an apartment and the realtor just execute the contract. Why on earth would pay him a full commission? As a rule, they agree. "

Also in the online databases of real estate is a visible chance to find an apartment without a deposit amount with reduced commissions, as well as options at reduced prices. And some of them have very real. True, usually to the lowest price in the bargain is a kind of "special condition". At best, the owners are willing to pay up front for six months or a year.

Woman clings to golovuVtoroy option - a kind of "wormhole" in the apartment, not apparent at first glance. So it was with the first apartment, we have chosen to view. This option simply defies the imagination. His condition was excellent, as well as furnishings. "Kopeck piece" a 10-minute walk from "Proletarian" - and just 35 thousand rubles. The price was clearly below the market: the cost of renting apartments that state and area begins at around 40 thousand We did not believe his luck when on the phone we have confirmed that the apartment rent, and offered to look. However, when viewing it turned out that the opposite of the same door lives a strange half-crazy neighbor, which immediately aroused the police, stating that in the next (handed over) apartment - brawl. Police officer who arrived was very apologetic, but the documents still checked. It turned out that the rentable floor space previously owned by a lonely old woman and then as a bequest went to social workers caring. The neighbor also died believed that her merit in the care of aching was no less, and the apartment was supposed to get her. In the end, as they walked the trials, an apartment for two years in detention. Now the arrest lifted but restless neighbor does not want to come to terms with the loss. Reflection, we decided that living next to a man - a more expensive. And continue the search.

Real economy

Save on rent is quite realistic, if we remove the option that the ad is usually modest apartment called "medium quality" or "requiring light cosmetic repairs. However, in case you get skinned squalid apartment with a strange set of furniture (they brought everything that was not included in the cottage). Theoretically, you can certainly do it repairs, buy something from the furniture. But keep in mind that if the quality has improved markedly, the rational owners will very likely raise the price.

man and woman drive the lampochkuYa not once heard stories from friends when they were filming "killed" the apartment for a penny, to buy materials for repairs, repairing windows and doors, gluing wallpaper, whitewashed ceilings. And after a while appeared pleased with the owner, who either talked about the growing market, or request to be excused for dwelling aunt from the countryside. That is for new tenants who will get a completely flat on the other value.

Therefore, if you go for this option is worth to protect themselves. Either sign a full lease, where the price is fixed for a year and prescribe penalties for early termination of the contract. Or take the owner a receipt that the cost of repairs will go to the expense of rent.

And if you're not ready to live in an apartment or disfigured do its repair, then it is better to reject all messages "average quality". Since this will only mean a waste of time for review.

One of the most realistic and enjoyable options for savings - it is removed through a friend. And it is not necessarily the case when the apartments are rented aunt of your friend or colleague's mother. There is also the option of "transfer of an apartment from hand to hand." That is, when your friends move out, freeing up rental housing, and you have immediately borrow. The owners usually do not mind, but on the contrary, remain satisfied that they do not need to contact the agency to find time to display, etc.

New tenants are the same, first, can save on realtor commissions. Secondly, it is often one of the few chances to rent an apartment is cheaper market price. Surprisingly, but Moscow is still encountered quite nonchalant apartment owners who do not watch every month for the situation in the rental market and do not raise rates for years. Therefore, some of my friends who got rental housing for a few years ago, paying him much less than it is today in the market. So, my friends passed from hand to hand "very nice" odnushku "to" Dynamo "in 26 th

Of the other options saving the world known a joint lease. There are instances when a girl-friend rented a nice two-bedroom apartment in a huge m. "Airport" for 45 thousand by 15 thousand person - almost two times cheaper than rent a studio apartment in the same area. Joint eat - a common worldwide a way to survive in the city: so that the money was enough for anything else other than rent. Foreign resources devoted to rent apartments, often also offer services to search for potential neighbors. In London, even held a party for dating people who are looking for neighbors for a joint tenancy. That is, you can not just read the profile on the site, but to come and personally pick a nice neighbor.
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