Mirror in the bedroom: what it is worth considering

03.10.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | Mirror in the bedroom: what it is worth considering Mirror - an essential attribute of any home. Many people like to decorate with mirrors, hallway, bathroom, living room or even kitchen. And here is a mirror in the bedroom raises many questions and even fears. There is a theory that a mirror in the bedroom is not the place.

So teach us, and now a popular (especially among interior designers and homemakers) ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. According to the doctrine, the mirror in the bedroom is a kind of "energy vampire", so it should be hung so that the mirror is not affected bed and, accordingly, sleeper. The Chinese believe that during sleep the person is released from negative emotions, and you should not allow these emotions are reflected in the mirror and returned to the owner. In addition, you can not hang a mirror opposite the entrance door - so, according to the same theory of feng shui in a room formed an "energy draft.

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According to feng shui expert Vladimir Zakharov, the official representative of the Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Russia and Ukraine, the mirror upsets the balance of yin and yang. Bedroom - a place to rest, and creates a mirror obsessing about energy. Imagine: you're doing the movement, and simultaneously begin to move all these reflections.

Other, more traditional and understandable explanation of the Russian people: a mirror - odd man out, it is like another person, to peep for conjugal bedroom, and provokes the appearance of a love triangle. Accordingly, the mirror in the bedroom to hang so as not to see their reflection while in bed.

Flatly deny the bedroom mirror is not worth - enough to place them correctly. For example, a designer studio interiors "Chegarova Design Elzbieta Chegarova relates to mirrors very well and consider them an excellent material for interior decoration.

Mirror amazing changes volume of the room, pushing the walls, playing facet, more light, reflecting both the natural light and artificial. Opportunities mirrors are amazing, versatile, effective and inexpensive! Works well reception decoration mirror wall behind the head of the bed. Must have a pier glass mirror, dressing table, mirror the growth in the doors of the wardrobe "- said the designer.

One of the rules Elzbieta - never place a mirror opposite the bed headboard, legs. This is not to say that Chegarova be Feng Shui. It usually follows the desires of the customer: if it is a fan of Feng Shui, the mirror in the bedroom will be posted as required by the doctrine. If the customer is about nothing so does not think it will do so that the space looks the most advantageous.

Virtually all experts in the field of interior design are of the opinion that mirrors should be in full growth. Oleg Gukov, designer firms INTERNI, says it's very practical, especially standing mirror: dressed, twisted - and we see immediately that the explosion on the head and pants tucked into socks. And indeed, much more pleasant to contemplate a full-length, rather than consider the "piecemeal".

Although Gukov and is not an ardent follower of the teachings of feng shui in the bedroom after all mirrors from the bed turns away. However, he says, mirrors, placed on a dressing table - it was good, nothing bad in them is not reflected, and wall or some other light sources, reflected in the mirrored surface, give a good decorative effect.

Many fans of the exotic and unusual interiors wish to see in her bedroom mirror ceiling. Someone thinks that it expands the space, someone just like to enjoy themselves in bed. But, as the area of the ceiling is high, the mirror surface it will be broken into pieces, and reflected accordingly, too, which is not beneficial in terms of energy.
Vladimir Zakharov said that the mirrored ceiling worse, especially broken into small mirrors, as they break the image. Symbolically adversely to see "themselves in the piece." This destroys the integrity of the psyche and, as a result, causes stress, unclear thinking, confusion.

If you decide to follow the teachings of Feng Shui, and you have next to the bed is mirrored closet doors, and you can not quickly get rid of it or make a permutation, we can cover it at night and a decorative screen and sleep peacefully.

But remember: the mirror - the same piece of furniture, as well as others, and its main purpose - to make the house comfortable for its owners, therefore, must rely to a greater degree of their feelings and desires than any of the theories and teachings.
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