Minregionstroy requests to simplify the terms of mortgages for affordable housing sites

30.11.2010 19:32
Articles about real estate | Minregionstroy requests to simplify the terms of mortgages for affordable housing sites Ministry of Regional Development and Construction refers to the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) to allow Oschadbank (Kiev) to issue loans for the purchase of affordable housing in specific sites without having to mortgage of immovable property other than the purchased apartment.

"We are now negotiating with the NBU to specific facilities, construction sites (it is a program for affordable housing), they removed those restrictions (to ensure a firm pledge)," - said the deputy minister of regional development and construction Dmitry Isayenko in Kiev on Tuesday.

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According to him, from the Government allocated for the financing program to build affordable housing UAH 100 million to date spent about half of the funds.

"To date, spent about half (from 100 million USD). The process is extremely difficult, precisely because 70% of the price people find it difficult to find, despite the fact that we have agreed with Oschadbank and have a minimum interest rates on loans. However, the firm pledge today does not allow people to take these credits. But the process goes. Until the end of the year let us learn UAH 100 million, "- he said.

Recall the state budget for 2010 provides funding for the construction of affordable housing in the $ 330 mln, of which the government has allocated 100 million UAH Minregionstroy.

Estimated D. Isayenko, the total amount of 330 mln investment, taking into account the population should be sufficient for the completion of approximately three thousand apartments.

Minregionstroy relies on government funding program to build affordable housing in 2011 of $ 390 million UAH.

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