Minregionstroy predictive approved indirect cost of housing in Ukraine in 2009 at 5,267 USD

06.10.2008 00:00
Ministry of Regional Development and Construction in 2009, predicts the average indirect cost of construction of apartment. m of housing in Ukraine at the 5267 grn.Eto defined Minregionstroya Order № 427 of 30 September 2008 goda.Soglasno orders, in particular, for Kiev set the maximum value of indirect construction cost of $ 5,920 USD per square meter. m

In addition, the highest indirect cost of construction for the following year established: for Sevastopol - UAH 5666 per sqm. m, ARK - 5551 USD per square meter. m and the Kharkiv region - 5,371 USD per square meter. m

At the same time, the lowest indirect cost of housing set for Kirovograd (4,730 USD per square meter. M), Lugano (4809 USD), Ivano-Frankovsk (4833 hr) and Chernivtsi (4855 hr) regions.

Indicators of indirect cost of construction apply in determining the volume of public investment allocated for housing construction, as well as the size of soft loans provided to certain categories of citizens in accordance with the law.

As reported, the average predictive Minregionstroy established indirect cost of housing construction in 2008 of $ 3,895 USD per square meter. m
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