Minregionstroy initiates changes in the licensing procedure for certain types of economic activity in construction

13.10.2008 00:00
Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine initiates changes and additions to the order of licensing of certain types of economic activity in construction, approved by the Decree of the Cabinet on December 5, 2007 № 1396 and which operates from 1 January 2008 goda.Kak the press service of the Ministry, "this document will significantly improve the technical level of construction organizations to accomplish their structuring, remove from the building market-by-night firms, as well as reduce the "shadow" schemes of construction projects. "

The report notes that in the process of testing a new procedure for licensing, there was need for some changes and refinements, so Minregionstroy prepared a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Amendments to the Licensing of certain types of economic activities in construction".

Part of the changes are procedural in nature. In particular, for the renewal of a license a business entity is required within 10 working days to submit to the licensing authority a statement, a duplicate license is issued within 10 days after receipt of an application by a business entity, and in case of cancellation of license for violation of licensing conditions or due to accident which occurred through the fault of a business entity, it has the right to apply for the extradition of a new license, not earlier than one year from the date of the revocation decision.

The new procedure has fundamental aspects to facilitate the participants of the construction market. For example, the document stipulates that the licensing of economic activity associated with the creation of architectural objects, carry Gosarhstroyinspektsiya and its regional bodies - the inspection of state architectural-building control in the Crimea, regions, Kyiv and Sevastopol, which will reduce costs and time to obtain licenses.

Also for the new order, between Gosarhstroyinspektsiey and its territorial bodies establish the distribution of licenses, depending on the complexity of the work, which intends to implement a business entity. So, just Gosarhstroyinspektsiya will hold the licensing works for the development of urban planning documentation, design and construction of tall buildings, restoration of urban development, licensing entities non-residents.

Draft Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On Amendments to the Licensing of certain types of economic activities in construction" will be considered in next Thursday at a meeting of the Cabinet Committee.

In the first 9 months of the new licensing procedures to perform certain types of economic activity in construction was granted 2,274 licenses, which is three times smaller than for the corresponding period in 2007.
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