Minors can save from paying the mortgage

02.01.2011 17:25
Articles about real estate | Minors can save from paying the mortgage If you can not pay the money for a mortgage, but you have small children, try to fight for their property in court.

Very often, lenders do not even ask whether living in a room that is collateral, minors.

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"Regarding this there is a very broad jurisprudence that, if the mortgage contract is made without the consent of the guardianship authority to enter into this agreement, it can be invalidated. And, accordingly, is null and void your obligation under this contract," - said the lawyer Yuri Babenko.

If we accept the mortgage contract invalid, and you will not have other assets, the bank will not be up to you to demand anything.

"We take these developments that the bank comes to enforcement, but actually take away from you means he can not, since the execution of this will end: you have no property and means you do not" - says lawyer Yuri Babenko.

But there is also a good chance that the court did not satisfy your claim. This issue in the legislation are still not really settled. It is hoped at the mercy of judges.
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