Ministry of Regional Development project: giving an outlaw?

08.09.2010 19:45
Articles about real estate | Ministry of Regional Development project: giving an outlaw? The draft law, promulgated on the eve of the Ministry of Regional Development, was seriously disturbed half of the population. Firstly, because it deals with the most expensive property - land and buildings on it, and secondly, that the layman it is completely incomprehensible.

The proposed document that prohibits country house construction on agricultural lands, and all lands lying outside the boundaries of settlements.

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Strictly a summer residence, where allowed to be prescribed and full life, will be referred to only buildings that are located within the boundaries of any village or town. In other cases, only be allowed to erect farm buildings, and no suitable for permanent residence houses.

Guest studio "Morning of Russia" - on the land market analyst Ilya Terentyev.

He recalled: Ministry of Regional and Economic Development six months ago, already announced that they want to order all the legislation and bring it into compliance with the Code - land and planning. This means that agricultural land can be cultivated and the land-settlement building.

"But the fact that the Moscow region is built up completely. And cottage settlements, including on the ruble and the New Riga, built on agricultural land with the type of permitted use under the country house construction. Forgive them or forced to endure? No response yet. We must see how events will develop further, - the expert believes. - I think this bill is, of course, will be finalized, it will be made a major change, someone will be given an amnesty to the already purchased the land. "

Those who want to build a house, he offered a completely safe option - to purchase land for individual housing construction. In villages where there are special documents that land can safely fly. But there sites, and the earth itself, tend to be expensive. Cheapest option - agricultural land under the garden. "This is where questions arise," - said Terentyev, according to whom to leave the bill in this form clearly impossible.
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