Ministry of Regional Development is preparing to lead the construction industry

27.01.2012 16:05
Articles about real estate | Ministry of Regional Development is preparing to lead the construction industry In the sphere of technical regulation of the construction of Ukraine is actively moving towards the harmonization of the regulatory framework with international best practice, said Anatoly Bliznyuk, the Minister for Regional Development, Construction and Housing.

"Already today regulatory framework in the construction of Ukraine as close as the structure and methodology and mode of action from the EU regulatory framework. Op documents allow the local authorities and local authorities to fully implement an effective planning areas in the medium and long term based on the standards harmonized with the European. In addition, in order to deregulation in 2011, Ukraine has passed the mandatory certification of products for use with the requirements of the Technical Regulations ", - A. Bliznyuk.

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According to the official, as a result of dedicated work in post-Soviet Ukraine is one of the leaders in adapting their regulatory framework in construction with the EU requirements and guide the development of European ideology of normative support the construction industry in interstate regulatory space. This creates prerequisites for upgrading the normative field, based on the principles of cooperation in implementing the CIS, which will lead to the free access of products for construction purposes the markets of the Commonwealth.

"In general, the system of technical regulation in the construction of Ukraine in comparison with other sectors of the economy is appreciated world-class experts, and with regard to building complexes of the CIS countries is estimated to lead 3-5. Realizing the importance of building the country's economy, Ministry of Regional Development through training of relevant industry standards and state standards specifically prepares to lead the construction industry ", - said the head of the Regional Development Ministry.
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