Minister for the sale of land, dead souls and banks

30.05.2011 10:01
Articles about real estate | Minister for the sale of land, dead souls and banks Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine proposes to authorize the transaction for the sale of agricultural land only to individuals - citizens of Ukraine.

As UNIAN correspondent, this Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Nikolai Prisyajnyuk told journalists yesterday in the Zhitomir region, commenting on the statement of MP George KARMAZINA (NUNS faction) that the permission to sell land to foreigners could trigger a new revolution in the country.

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"Recently disclosed the position of MP, chairman of the Defenders of the Motherland Yuri KARMAZINA that if the Ukraine will be allowed to sell land to citizens of foreign states, then it could trigger a new revolution in the country, very radical, - said Nursultan Prisyajnyuk. - This is - a radical view, but I offer my ministry to the Ukrainian parliament a bill which provides for a land market, in which the sale of land will be possible only between individuals - citizens of Ukraine. "

The minister noted that Parliament's adoption of the bill referred to "calm" the land market and will enable owners of land shares have more revenue, because to date the land in Ukraine is undervalued. Also, the introduction of a land market the government proposes to overestimate the land share doubled in relation to the existing level in order to increase the rent and pay it only in cash.

"Also, to attract investment, we offer long term rent in unlimited quantities and with the right to mortgage land to rent to the bank, then even if the tenant goes bankrupt, the owner of the land share is not affected, the bank will seek a new tenant to sell the lease. Thus, there will be speculation and raiding, land owners realize how attractive and morally have land ownership, which means that about any revolution could be discussed ", - said Nursultan Prisyajnyuk.

The minister urged politicians not to manipulate the minds of the citizens, creating action teams to conduct a nationwide referendum to ban the sale of agricultural land. According to him, the creation of such groups is to some extent, "the manipulation of public consciousness."

The Minister said that he considered an unacceptable situation in which the country tenants actually "work with" dead "souls, because in many cases the owners of land shares have died and the heirs do not have."

"Thus, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said today about the land market, and the completion of land reform", - said Nursultan Prisyajnyuk.

In his view, the priority of the Government is to provide the constitutional right of the owner of the land unit to dispose of the land. "But the government puts in this task by carrying out land reforms did not leave the peasants without land" - he added.

N. Prisyajnyuk said that Ukrainian specialists have already studied the relevant American experience and that of post-Soviet countries in terms of land reforms and have found the optimal model to be completed in Ukraine, initiated a land reform at the legislative level this year.

As UNIAN reported earlier, March 2, The Verkhovna Rada refused to extend until January 1, 2015 moratorium on the sale of agricultural land.

Referendum on banning the sale of agricultural land will initiate nationwide association "Freedom" and "Motherland". Local organizations of these parties create teams on the referendum.

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