«Mikrokvartiry» cause serious mental problems in adults

06.01.2020 00:15
In major U.S. metropolitan areas of New York and San Francisco authorities, under the influence of the crisis apartment, bet on the creation of social projects "mikrokvartir", from 23 to 34 square meters, which, in addition to living space, a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Picture: «Mikrokvartiry» cause serious mental problems in adultsTheir main trump card is the availability of all necessary for the existence and much lower cost of standard housing .

But experts are already predicting that the tiny apartment prone to cause psychological problems for their owners and tenants . The scope of the risk of fall 30-40 summer people . If young people still working principle of "living in close quarters, but not mad ," for most respectable people such cramped living conditions are dangerous stressor .

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According to The Daily Mail, referring to the design director of human health from the Boston Architectural College (BAC) Dak Kopec , the psychological stress that occurs in the course of living in small apartments , it can cause an increase in domestic violence and substance abuse.

On conviction Kopec , another source of stress in a tiny apartment can serve the need of the day for her to move on any piece of furniture , which simply do not have a space.

His view is shared by Professor Susan Seedzhert invaeromentalnoy psychology . Her research has shown that living in cramped apartments crowded negative impact on the intellectual abilities of its occupants . This is manifested in the form of problems with concentration and learning.

By the way , according to experts in the housing market , especially mikroapartamenty not differ from the price of the spacious and comfortable studio apartments . On this basis , we can not categorically say what is the use of this type of housing.

In San Francisco rental mikrokvartiry of 25 " squares" currently costs about $ 1,900 a month. New studio apartment - for $ 2,700 . Power in the near future are going to reduce the price to a removable mikrozhilya 1300-1500 dollars , according realty.newsru.com.

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