Methods of search for housing

09.01.2011 18:00
Not all who are looking for an apartment, whether for purchase or for rent, have the extra funds to pay for work of a realtor. Solving the problem can be found by other means. If only it was willing and sufficiently creative approach to the issue.

The old
The most famous method used even our grandparents, it is putting up ads.

- Why staircase clutter? Then wipers unstick your paper.
- You know, I really want to rent an apartment, a room in this house, I'm here'm close ...

Such dialogues between young people and purists entrance is not uncommon. Many are against your actions on posting ads, but on the other hand - it is a way to convey their request directly to apartment owners in the right area. Although experts believe that this is not the most effective method, especially now. The fact that the realtors themselves hammered the last nail in the coffin of such advertising. Well, for example, the landlord rang up the leaves with the announcement of "Hire an apartment in your home. Expensive "in hopes of finding a direct client. And he meets an agent, but still can not always pick up residents and solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Same thing with the sellers of apartments - and they pick up a client is even harder. That's why the credibility of this kind of information thoroughly undermined, but you can try.

Access to the database
As for outgoing calls to the base, then here we have the paradoxical fact: the older the data base, the better. Yes, probably, many apartments have already delivered or sold. The main advantage of the old database that on this basis, almost no one works. You can stumble upon a very good option. So, it really find a good apartment for a knockdown price. Situation because there are different: somewhere in the apartment sells or leases a grandmother who does not know the prices of the market, where some owners have gone abroad, takes a familiar, already five years old at the same price and so on.

So, my friend caught one option: treshka apartment in the center. Good home. But in an apartment to make repairs. So he eventually persuaded the owner to repair in payment for six months

The landlady is very annoying calls at the agents, and they can openly send. But each must find its own approach. And then the conversation that began with "we do not hand over all sold" ends with the phrase "rent only to you, freed after 2 weeks.

The most effective, according to realtors, the method of finding housing and information gathering - a personal touch.

- Grandma, I want to rent an apartment, a room in your yard, work-study nearby. Surely you know everything about everybody who does. And I would not stay in debt.
- Of course, son. Nikitishna from 32nd rents a room. Yes, that's business businessman bought the other day, two apartments, just take the will. Come on Wait a to Nikitishna that delay ...

If you need accuracy, not the scale (for example, decided to move it to the area - close to work), it is possible to proceed by this method. On the other hand, if the goal is to move it does not matter much, but cheaper, then this option is unlikely to fit.

And, of course, all these options have one common drawback - they require a lot of time. But work fast only the agents for it and take the money.
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