Meet the holiday atmosphere in the medieval chivalric legends and ballads

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Articles about real estate | Meet the holiday atmosphere in the medieval chivalric legends and ballads Scenarios for the New Year are well known. The most massive - at home, looking at the TV. You can still go to visit - there we are likely to wait all the same TV and Russian salad. Slightly more creative and wealthy citizens go to a restaurant or resort to the warm sea ... Scripts is not that bad (and for many the first - and still only possible for finance), but too boring, hackneyed. Offer next year to consider an alternative - and this from which breathtaking. Castle in Europe .

This option , of course, not cheap - but, as columnist found the "Journal of the real estate MetrInfo.Ru», sometimes for the money it is more affordable than it seems at first glance.

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Acquisition : if cheap , you will become the "guardian of history"
Turbulent and dramatic history of the European continent has left many traces , and one of the most prominent and notable - locks . "In Europe there are quite a few castles are found in Austria , Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, but most of them , perhaps, in France and Italy , - says Natalya Pronin , marketing director of Chesterton. - There are such objects , indeed, sometimes cheaper than in Moscow, elite apartment or vacation home in the suburbs . "

If we talk about specific numbers , the average (if this concept here at upotrebimo ) castle stands 2-3, sometimes up to 5 million euros. But there are much cheaper - at a cost of 750 thousand euros. And Igor Indriksons , managing real estate investments , the founder of the portal, calls even price in ... 1 euro! What is the reason ?

"As a rule , the regional authorities interested in transferring monuments to private investors - says Maxim Klyagin analyst of " Finam Management " . - The cost is quite low or even nominal : the main motivation is the ability to shift the costs of expensive repairs and maintenance of such facilities on the business. This is a fairly common practice in Western markets . "

I found a pair of cheap effects - very unpleasant for the acquirer. First, have to spend huge amounts of content . " The annual cost of the estate with a lock up 10-40 % of its value : depending on the price , the date of construction , general and field area - said Julia Kozhevnikov , expert internet center overseas property Tranio.Ru. - Often have to fully restore the building , reconstruction costs could reach about 20 % of the project cost. Repair is fraught with difficulty , if the castle is a monument of architecture and history and is under the protection of the authorities : not allowed to alter the design , attach additional floors . Any change to an object , whether replacement windows or roof , you need to be agreed with the municipal authorities . "

Secondly , the castle , the legal owner of which you will never be completely yours. About the need to negotiate with the authorities of redevelopment, even the smallest , we have already said . But there is also the problem of access to tourists in the historical heritage. " In Spain, the castle never 100% will not belong to you , - says Victoria Kutuzov , sales director at Grupo mahersol. - You can be the owner of it legally , but close castle to visit is almost impossible . You have them , care for them , but never be able to feel it like in your own home , because the castle - the keeper of history! ".

Rent : from $ 1.5 million in a week
Option is quite possible. Rent , of course , you can not just lock: many owners of the property (or any other ) fear giving it in the wrong hands. But , on the other hand, there are professional and rentiers - those who have made the provision of castles in the rental business. Lessors locks , said Victoria Kutuzov (Grupo mahersol), have an official site - often it is made not only in the language of the country of domicile , but also English . " These sites are easily searched by search engines - said the expert . - In the castle you can organize a wedding and celebrate the anniversary . " And New Year - note we have from him.

Igor Indriksons ( draws attention to the fact that renting castles is not very popular among Russians . " Historically, these objects have always been built in the heart of the country , away from the coast , - he says. - And our fellow citizens are more interested in the sea and the warm climate . " But if the interest will be - it is quite possible to find and bid. "The average cost of renting apartments in the castles of Scotland is about $ 2520 a week - says Igor Indriksons . - In France, this amount will be approximately $ 4.5 thousand in Austria - about $ 1.5 thousand . "
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