Meal choice: choosing a summer residence

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Articles about real estate | Meal choice: choosing a summer residence Choice problem - it is responsible. One wrong decision - and then the years of torment, the high costs as a result - no fun. Lest there be excruciatingly painful, the question selection problem must be approached responsibly. We are talking, as much about designing her own lifestyle.

First and foremost - you need to decide why you need a suburban real estate. Formally speaking, what are you doing there be? You personally? The answer to this question depends very much: the location of your future problem, the potential landscape, architecture, area, price, finally. This issue represents the main characteristics of the lifestyle that you and your family will be there to lead. It includes the possibility of improving the quality of your life and the constraints that would impose your future real estate.

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Note that the answer to this question should not only you but all your family members, who will somehow use a future real estate. You need to spend time and effort to agree on what that future dachku suit everyone. Otherwise, get a bad situation when giving pleases only someone of one (or only one generation of the family, most often, the "parents") and others (children, for example) there is an elementary bored. In all generations, living in Russia today, ideas about suburban life is different, so examples of such problematic situations can be reduced very much. Some are fighting for their right not to dig parental beds, others have children refuse to live in a cottage outside the city, while others cut down a pine forest at the site to arrange flowerbeds and greenhouses ... If you can afford a few country houses, for different tasks and different members family - you can only envy. And if you buy a vacation home for the whole family should at least agree with all the close relatives of the common objectives and interests.

Response to a question about your future suburban lifestyle requires a certain inner integrity. One should try to understand, and what you want, really? Not an easy task, even though many people live life and not finding the answer to this question. For example, the author knows of one secured a man who has spent a lot of money and a lot of time to experiment with suburban real estate, find out what actually he wants to give two things. The first - to the terms of a wildlife and fishing. The second - that there was no wife. On other things, including the benefits of civilization, kilometers, exclusivity and so on, our hero, as it turned out, did not care.

To not learn from their mistakes, we must immediately give the choice to decide what you do there will not be exact. For example, you are not going to dig beds and grow food. Or just will not swim long distances and you do not interested in water. Or just will not engage in fishing, hunting and stuff, there are special places. After that, somehow easier to understand what you're in the country will do exactly and what it's really important.

If you're walking in the woods, fish, swim and enjoy life in other simple tools, it is important to your future at the dacha was a forest, lakes and landscapes. But the distance and urban communication, by contrast, can be neglected. If you have plans to do to build a "family nest" or simply to live permanently in the country, it is better to engage in closer to the city, in a stable energy supply, and other benefits of civilization. And the scenery in a landscape design is not so important. Important pine forest or fertile soil? Nice view from the window or safety? Clean and quiet, or the distance to the city? Sizes at home or usability? Karelian landscapes and mild climate? Decide at once, then it will be easier to choose.

After spending some time thinking and debate, you can find out some interesting things. Firstly, it becomes clear what questions you ask realtors or developers, and what answers will have to wait. For example, you continue to talk only if the sites in the cottage - wood, or near a large lake. Secondly, how about your future will look like giving in terms of architecture of the house, building materials, communications. Third, you may rethink how much money you're willing to spend. For example, decide not to buy a new luxury cottage pathetic way, and get an old-style dacha north Nouveau 1950, and turned it over time into a work of art.

At this auspicious moment, it will be possible to move from the abstract arguments about giving to the choice of area of residence. Vuoksa and surroundings are very beautiful and natural, but it is not suitable for permanent residence. At best, this cottage, and the road there is still heavy. In the Vyborg district of the above accessibility, but also more industry and agriculture. District of Pushkin and Pavlovsk park romantic look very attractive, especially for those who want to "walk in the park and the rustling leaves, and even close. But around the park - endless fields, and absolutely nowhere to bathe. A similar story with the Lomonosov district: there is a cottage villages are located near the city, or have beautiful landscapes. But not both together. Yucca and Sestroretsk close to town, but have to live in overcrowded conditions, and prices bite. Compromise solutions can be found in Vsevolozhsk area. But like any compromise, they may not all be arranged. Besides, have swept to overpay for the image. There is no universal advice, everything depends on you and on what you are giving.
The most interesting thing that there is no reward for the choice of flour will not. No one will fall, with tears of gratitude to his feet, not praised for insight. Good, convenient for all giving your family will be taken as granted. You'll go there on weekends and weekdays, summer and winter, and when he wants. All members of your family will love giving and cares about her, and only you will know that things could be worse. So do not regret the time to think. Do not be afraid to ask yourself and your loved ones with difficult questions and demand answers. A good problem is worth it, believe me.

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