May «bride» country real estate

21.05.2011 09:35
Articles about real estate | May «bride» country real estate May - the traditional time for activity in the country market. This month, many buyers are starting to ride, watch and choose their own future cottages and villas. In principle, this approach is correct: a green gives the objects gaiety, all seen in all its glory. But on the other hand, many will be hidden.

Country real estate portal wanted to understand the issues about how to look and what to pay attention not to miss anything important.

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Smear can you not be

One of the reasons why people go to the "suburban bride" was in May, is that by the time the snow and everything dries up. " No doubt, a walk along the paths on which no more puddles, nice, but I want to be sure that your future site is always dry, and next spring you will not have to become like Nekrasov Father Maza - "I collect firewood once the boat went.

According to experts we interviewed, to determine whether the site is subject to flooding, is not so difficult. First of all, we have to walk on land (not only on the paths!). "If flooding from groundwater or meltwater were traces of it remain - convinced Victor Kovalenko, the director of" RealEkspo - Water does not have time to go so fast. In addition, the city warms up later than in Kiev. "

"The first question - about the drainage system in town - the Council of Natalia Bashinskaya cottage" Maetok. - After all, in any case, the water at sites appear every year, and somewhere it will still accumulate. And if there is a drainage system, the problem is solved. "

Should pay attention to other things. For example, whether the site is not located in a valley near a river or lake. Alla Zhabyuk, Head of Sales cottage "Sun Valley", advises to look at the plants - those that are characteristic of waterlogged soil, visible immediately. And, of course, is to talk with the neighbors - it is generally universal advice to help you learn about so many details, not just the flooding ...

If you purchase is not an empty plot, and the structure - must, of course, check as well. "Very often people buy a house for $ 1 million and did not bother to check its technical" stuffing "- is perplexed Victor Kovalenko. - They believe that it is sufficient to view a facade, walk through the site, agree to the plan - and we can take. In this basement, the foundation of the house, his constructive checks at best only one third of the buyer. " According to the expert, technical expertise is needed: many houses are built with unacceptable violations, they will be ruined in 5-10 years. The cost of such testing will be only $ 200-500.

But back to our own view. If there was water in the basement - it is noticeable without examination: on the walls and the floor will divorce. Besides, adds Alla Zhabyuk seller "will give" robust smell of dampness. Eliminate it by May it will be impossible - even using heat guns.

Ecology: smell and the word does not believe

In professional circles realtor is very popular anecdote that if north of your area chemical plant, to the south - Poultry in the east - the highway and to the west landfill, you always will know what the wind today. Joking aside, but here is rooted problem: when you examine an object, the wind will be some one. For example, the north. And the air - a good one. But who can guarantee that the other side is not something bad, unpleasant, and on other days will not smell horrible?

Recipes suggested by our consultants, were simple and effective. First of all, in advance to find out what's around. In this work, said Victor Kovalenko, the easiest way for today is to appeal to the Environment section.

Second, do not be lazy ride and walk around. "Arriving in town to view the land or house, the buyer makes sense to bypass neighborhood, to ensure no unwanted objects, - said Victor Kovalenko. - In addition, customers can talk to the residents of nearby villages, who certainly are aware of these disadvantages.

This x-th-th-th an ulterior motive

"Ah, summer red! I would have loved you, when it had not been heat, but dust, but the mosquitoes, but flies. " We agree with Alexander Pushkin - especially with the latter two of which he called bad luck. What to do with them? Especially in May, most "nasekomyshey" still sleeping, the peak of their activity will occur in summer.

To begin with, that all sorts of flying and crawling livestock - is mandatory, as they say today, "option" of country existence. Completely get rid of them is impossible, moreover, the complete absence of insects suggests that the plot is something wrong. For example, here a bad environment, and therefore does not reside here will be useful to man. In short, we must strive not to make 'flying ghouls "did not exist, and that their number fits into some reasonable limits.

Recommendations are simple: do not buy land too close to the woods or pond. "Usually it is believed that proximity to these natural objects favorably - said Victor Kovalenko. - But insiders say it's not quite true. Forests and reservoirs are damp, you like mosquitoes. That is why many experienced people of country houses do not like to settle close to the forest and the pond. "

With the flies a little bit easier. They attract a strong and unpleasant (for humans) scent. Therefore, there will be many near landfills, pastures and stockyards - ie those objects near which a man and he does not want to settle.

... In any case, the problem with insects - one of the most easily solvable. At present, there are simple technologies to get rid of this neighborhood. There are various repellents, elektrofumigatory and ultrasonic devices.

Stay away from peat bogs

For many years the problem of fire safety is considered by our citizens, so to speak, with a certain skepticism. They say walking a noncommissioned Prishibeev a helmet, there is something "and pokes babachit" about the need not to obstruct fire access roads and have a serviceable fire extinguishers - scream, and only! But last summer, when burned forest near Kiev, has forced people to look at the problem differently ...

The most severe, almost impossible to extinguish fires - on the moors.

First of all, recommends Alla Zhabyuk "should not acquire land near the forest: forest burning in the first place." Then recommends that an expert should be familiar with the draft plan of the village from the viewpoint of fire protection measures. Are provided for, and how they are implemented? How far is it to the nearest fire of Emergency? And, of course, is to talk with the locals: how long have there been fires and what were called?

Do not forget that a fire may occur, and where no peat is not in sight. "If next to your village is a field overgrown with grass and plowed a lot of years, we can with absolute certainty that it ever light up" - "encouraging" Alla Zhabyuk. Even though (it's already on my own) the scale of this disaster is, of course, be compared with the horrors of the past summer, and report on such an event will not show on the central TV channels, in order to have your own house burned to the ground, such a "small" fire may be sufficient.

And everything else

What else should I look when viewed from suburban real estate? Leaving aside the problems associated with the legal status of the object and the reliability of documents (this is - a separate and very big topic), then interviewed www.zagorodna.comeksperty gave several recommendations.

Larissa Havrysh, director of FC Global Capital (KG "Desnyanskiy") recalled the issue of power lines. To them should be not less than 500 m to the electromagnetic radiation had no effect on health. In practice, unfortunately, many villages are located much closer.

She also recalled the airports. On the one hand, does not see (or rather, not hear) they are difficult. On the other - do not forget that the takeoff and landing glidepath varies depending on the wind. So today you have over the site still, but tomorrow will be directly overhead to fly planes. An expert said that quite actively in the process of transfer of farmland to another destination. So that those around you fields and pastures are not permanent: they can build up. And not necessarily cottages - possibly as warehouses and production facilities.

Victor Kovalenko

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