Maxim Galkin built for himself a castle, like Harry Potter

24.11.2010 00:05
Many glossy magazines reported that on November holidays Maksim Galkin celebrate house-warming party at his chateau in the village of mud. Construction of this facility has been going for many years. Maxim disappointed journalists: housewarming party will be held later. But he answered several questions and commented on pictures of the castle, has recently taken from a helicopter.<br /><br />- Here and now we can live, but I'm such a perfectionist - sigh Galkin. - It is very hard when something is not done completely. It is necessary to lay a stone driveway. Finish gate. There's still oblitsevat rather significant object, called the Colosseum, - that this building, covered with cellophane (1). The design I dreamed a dream. It is not just for the beauty standing there, she has two practical functions. Here, the windows of the bedroom (2), overlooking the road, and I wanted to make this part of the site more private. Build a structure that, on the one hand, would limit the curiosity of passers-by on the other hand - if there is a desire to look into the distance of the surroundings, it was possible for that design up. From the outside it resembles a quarter of the Roman Colosseum, and the inside - a Greek amphitheater.<br /><br />Roofing slate German (3). "Harry Potter ..." watch? When the dragon flies, touches the roof of the claws, and she showered - it's slate. Stained glass comes close to the slate roof - complex technical solutions. Add to that the peculiarities of our climate. If I built this house in the south of France, of course, the time it would take less ... And money too. Now I spent a lot of - all that I like, unfortunately, is expensive, and all this multiplied by the area - 2300 square meters.<br /><br />I build this house for himself. Build a castle - it's my childhood dream. Style had turned eclectic. Together with the architects, we have developed interesting details, like gargoyles, which are consistent with age. They have no heraldic or occult, God forbid, make sense. Just beautiful. A turret at the top called the dungeon - in the Middle Ages, clung to the larger forms and had a valve function. Sanitation is not there. And I simply exit the spiral staircase to the observation deck.<br /><br />/ / Komsomolskaya Pravda<br />
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