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17.10.2011 09:40
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One of the first questions that arise before the developer, especially if it is a young company, concerns himself whether to conduct marketing and advertising business, or give it to the agency. Each of these approaches have their pros and cons. On them will tell Victor Kovalenko, director of consulting company "RealEkspo"

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As a general rule, an advertising agency in negotiations with the customer paints rosy prospects for cooperation with them, focusing on what they pick up a small advertising budget most "working" area - and the experience of most agencies can really be trusted. Those developers that have only recently entered the market and organize the work of the marketing department "from scratch", especially the need to listen to the professionals.


The second plus cooperation with the agencies is that they have discounts on most platforms. Victor Kovalenko said that the scheme of the agency is very simple: "For example, they have a 50% discount for advertising on the site. 30% discount received by the client, which is placed over them, and they take 20% currently - and this margin of living. If the client address to the site directly, it can offer a maximum 10% of the skid. Thus, the host agency clients through financially profitable. "

Bloated budget

But there are also disadvantages of working with agencies. This primarily concerns the fact that the agency favorably increase the advertising budget - any hook or by crook. Victor Kovalenko believes that if the agency does not control, then it may gradually begin to "slip" area, which is inefficient work. It is therefore reasonable, if the client would be the appropriate specialist who will carry out continuous monitoring of the agency.

In addition, if the agency does not control, it may try to promote those sites to the client, to whom they have the largest profit.

What conclusion can we do? Victor Kovalenko believes that the most effective combination of two options - when the company goes to an advertising agency, but its activities are monitored by the Advertising Department. The employee must first establish itself a media plan, to communicate directly with a variety of platforms, and then with a finished plan for the media to contact the agency. This will allow the company to increase the effectiveness of advertising, to obtain from the agency discounts, but also, importantly, avoid red tape with a variety of documents - when working with an agency they will be signed by a single act.

Company site

The next important point about the successful marketing of the developer - is that a company must be adequate, a good site. To this should not spare money, because the site - the card company and not a fad, as some still believe. It should be user-friendly navigation, the site should contain all necessary information, which are usually looking for clients. Generally, if the company plans to continue to invest in traffic, it simply makes no sense to make a bad site. Comfortable and well-filled site, among other things, can reduce stress and consultants who do not have large quantities to explain any questions by phone.

The company's image

As a rule, people who are going to buy an apartment, first actively seeking feedback on the developer. So many companies are happy to deal with guerrilla marketing: special people support the discussion about the company on forums and social networks that form a positive opinion of themselves initiate topics that benefit the company. Victor Kovalenko said that although this instrument is widely used and disseminated with developers, its effectiveness is quite low. People are well aware that they write "dummy agents" and not rely on this opinion. "In our experience, it is better to create a centralized resource, conditionally independent, which combine all the reviews and enable people to communicate normally. If the company offers a good product - and that feedback will be good, so the product will advertise itself - just give it a convenient platform for this, "- said the expert.


Increasingly, developers are using this valuable tool, as a webcam. It is installed at the construction site and transmits the image on the site. Thus, people can observe how the building. Again, as in the case reviews, forums, if a company is doing well and respected construction schedule, the building itself advertises. If there is a problem, the picture with the camera they can say worse.

Advertising effectiveness

Indicator of the effectiveness of advertising for any marketer - the question paramount, especially in light of tighter planning and general budget cuts carried out by developers in recent years. For each advertising should always display the value of the customer. "The developer should identify the scope, how much he is prepared to spend on marketing. For example, if a company is willing to pay realtor, agent 2% of the purchase price, then selling their own, it must do to lower marketing costs - otherwise it makes sense to sell advertising and to give all real estate agencies ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

In order to track customers who come from a particular ad placement, it is better to make a separate phone number. Next is the conversion: the cost of advertising divided by the number of clients obtained from her, and displays the number of how many client costs. If it suits the company, then with the placement of advertising work, if not, look for other platforms and tools.

Placement test and statistics

Extremely useful option for companies who decide to cooperate with one or another site is the test location. Victor Kovalenko recommends that all customers placing a test portal

Question the effectiveness of marketing and advertising real estate is one of the major to ensure the necessary level of sales. Recently, the role of the Internet, new tools - and their clever use can significantly boost sales.
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Viktor Kovalenko

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