Marketing ploy to suburban real estate market

06.02.2011 17:05
Articles about real estate | Marketing ploy to suburban real estate market Contrary to idle misleading journalists, suburban real estate developers are rarely cheat their customers. Deception - a piece a criminal offense, to the same - useless. Quoting Abraham Lincoln, "You can fool some people all the time, you can fool all a vremya.No can not fool all the whole time." However, modern technologies allow creative marketing gloss over the reality, forced to consider it better than it actually is. In this and people think with pleasure, and have no complaints about the law. We continue a series of articles in which we acquaint you with marketing ploys to suburban real estate market.

Please note, in advertising cottage communities are seldom used photography. As a rule, in the course are of different quality 3d-models and other products of virtual reality. The reason is clear: at the initial stage of construction site of the village is a rather unsightly spectacle. Heaps of earth, heavy machinery, ditches, logs ... any decent object starts to look a couple of years, will end when all the ground work, will be laid in communication and built the first house. But selling it would be desirable at once! So we have to use computer graphics.

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However, the computer can draw anything, and the trees on the site, and views of the lake, and other beauty coupled with a landscape design. Any picture you look, there's no problem, but a dream. It is important to experience, contact with potential buyers, and that in reality, on site boundless potato field - is another question. Buy something, oddly enough, is not reality, and dreams.

With computer graphics are a regular occurrence embarrassment. Thus, in some generally nice towns, with ready-made houses and beautiful views of the author tries to foist leaflets with computer graphics, saying that everything is "more beautiful and better." And so when instead of the promised pictures of cottages in the woods, the reality turned out to untilled field - even dozens.

Few used in advertising are real pictures are clearly divided into three groups. The first - a "beauty". Abstract landscape, is not necessarily taken in the village or close to it. Intended to illustrate the beauty of places. As beautiful to shoot landscapes - a rather complicated matter, often use clip art or photos of the stolen photographic pictures. The second group - "topics." Illustrate the future development and way of life in the village. Almost always come from the European and American clip art that clearly shows the types of people's faces in photographs, clothing and stories. Staged photo shoot like "happy family in nature" for Russian photographers yet apparently unattainable art. The third group - "home", the future facilities of the village. Here everything is complicated because, as mentioned above, no early sales of homes are usually not even a trace. In such a situation is commonly used house picture of the same project, but once built somewhere else. If you carefully for a long time to read magazines and catalogs for properties, you will find that some pictures wander from object to object, from village to village for years.

Naturally, neither of which respect for the rights of the author photo in the advertisement are not talking. Author of this note, for example, have fairly regularly to see his photo of cottage settlements in the region Vuoksa used as an illustration for the sale of objects in various parts of the Leningrad region. Especially odd when a photo of cottages in the coniferous forest areas illustrates a potato field at Ropsha ...

Villages that are used in advertising actually existing species territory and photos really built in the village houses, of course. But their number is less than a half dozen of all the two with something of hundreds of objects on the market.

Another fotofokus - is shooting conditions. Photos for advertising done in good weather, with good lighting. Beautifully incident rays of the sun, illuminated leaves, blue sky can make even the brick castle mid-1990 to look romantic and in some cases even cozy. By the way, good manners - to make a separate set of pictures for each season. And then the "eternal summer" in advertising real estate is somewhat a fool.

There is no trust, and once a popular photo-reports from the construction site. " The fact that the same house can be rented from various angles, in different weather conditions, and it will look as different objects. Photos of the workers, something dynamic digging, say little about the real situation. In addition, the authors' stories "rarely make them beautiful. By the way, would be a good business - staging "a photo with the object": beautiful muscled workers in uniform, a shiny new vehicle washed, determination and unity of mind and the senses in every movement.
The recommendation here is simple: do not believe my eyes. Do not buy into computer graphics, and fables of sales managers that "everything will be so." Hey, people, you sell your same dream! Do not be lazy to ask for pictures of the object. Specify where to make the photo perfect "finished cottage. Do not be lazy to go to the place and see everything with my own eyes. Think about how "this beauty" looks at different times of the year (this applies, for example, the Gulf Coast in winter - extremely unpleasant places).
People! Be careful!
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