Marketing in the suburban real estate market

11.11.2010 08:00
Marketing in the suburban real estate market Since based on the country market near Moscow in recent years, the objects are more and more, almost all builders and realtors are wondering how to attract customers is to your product. Competition in the sector becomes over time more acutely because of proposed projects more and more. How, under such conditions can apply marketing techniques to raise the level of demand in favor of "his" property? In this article we will try to answer this interesting question.

The best way method, which begs the situation tense competition itself, is to reduce the price of the product and set it slightly lower than our competitors. However, this solution has many of its shortcomings. First, of course, the development company in this case, you have to sacrifice some part of their profits, which is hardly what an entrepreneur like. Secondly, you should pay attention to the fact that the country is something we have an amazing in many ways, and if in other countries, the method of reducing the price must increase the level of demand, then our people is often a backlash.

Buyers start to think: why would the seller suddenly lowered the price? Perhaps the object has any hidden defects or catch in something else? In any case, this method is often only discourages the client from the goods and he (surprisingly!) Goes to competitors who have the same product is more expensive. Therefore, the Russian businessmen in the country real estate tend to use other non-price methods to attract customers.

Many of the analytical firm, working on a suburban real estate market, to deal with the use of marketing as economic science in practice. They analyze the market and produce the most successful projects that developers, despite the same starting conditions with other projects implemented quickly and at a very high price for the market. Let us also turn to this analysis, which is considered one of the most popular and try to understand the effectiveness of various non-price approach to suburban real estate market of Moscow region.

According to many experts agree that too many buyers suburban real estate attracts infrastructure organized cottage communities in which they intend to settle. The fact is that almost any man, moving from the city, afraid to be completely cut off from the civilized world. Practice shows that over 90% of all applied to the realtor clients primarily interested in is the infrastructure surrounding the house. In second place as the interest of potential buyers, is accessibility, and in third place - the natural environment.

Therefore, if the natural conditions and the road to change is difficult, then equip the village with all the benefits of civilization is quite capable. Positive examples in this case a lot. Even when a considerable distance from the capital, many development companies are creating projects that are successful entrepreneurs and bring considerable profit. In such places, except for essential infrastructure are restaurants, sports and recreation clubs, SPA-salons, and so on.

However, when considering projects for the creation of infrastructure facilities in the country, you must observe the principle of "golden mean". Of course, outside the city objects of the civilized world needs, but they should not be too much, because mostly people want out of the city for the tranquility and seclusion. Therefore, the overabundance of additional public facilities can also be a negative factor in the eyes of buyers, as well as the absence of these at all. This is a rather difficult task for developers, many with it successfully addressed.

Analysts suburban real estate market allocate the second method of marketing, which attracts potential customers to their projects. Them is the involvement of eminent architects. On the one hand, such a decision entails additional costs, as well-known specialist will take for their work much more than a beginner or a little-known architect. But on the other hand, such costs, as experience shows, can be compensated by all costs. Involvement of a famous architect for the developers will sort of an intangible asset that can attract customers. This method is good because it is like high-quality commercial status of the project name of the author creates a positive impression of the product.

Modern consumer, who has already learned to focus on suburban real estate market, and not take that first came under his hand, understands that the project masters of their craft is a sort of guarantee of good quality. After all, professional reputation, as a rule, created over the years and hardly anyone wants to because of one moment of profit to spoil her. A favorable image can be lost overnight, and the author's name will have a negative "mark" instead of liquid goods. In addition, the eminent architect, has a certain recognizable style, that allow buyers to navigate the selection of the author's project, which is closest to them. Thus, the potential client suburban real estate market, knowing the name of the architect, could get a general idea of the style of cottage housing.

But not just one factor of the discussed methods of marketing offers developer companies successful projects. In order for the project has brought the maximum profit is not only the infrastructure of the village and a big name architect, but must be "instinct" to the needs of clients and an impeccable reputation as a developer. Experienced developers sensitively pick up new trends and offer customers something that is their desire, but have not yet realized.

Examples are the entrepreneurs in the country real estate, which are sensitive to feel a new trend in architecture, which is based on functionality and does not recognize the "excesses". This has ensured a high level of demand for this type of cottage buildings. Talking about the architecture of suburban complexes it is worth noting that most expensive objects built in the style of European architecture. Relevant for the city and Russian classicism. Homes built with this style are also well sold in the market. Recently, however, began to appear suburban mansions that were built by masters in the peculiar personal manner.

Another way to attract customers to a particular project, which was isolated specialists, is to find an original marketing idea. In the example could be to create a mini-zoo in organized cottage village. Some interest among buyers is built hotel staff or a yacht club. Of course, being in the village zoo or hotel would not be a determining factor in deciding on buying a home in this place, but definitely will attract attention and become more "chip" in the fight for the buyer.

In addition, the creation of such infrastructure in the village shows customers care about the personal interests of the settlements, which as any personal interest in pleasing. Such marketing ideas usually do not require expensive investments, but they can give the village some own "flavor", which causes additional interest and curiosity of customers suburban market. With these uncomplicated methods can be invoked even interest in the projects, which are inferior in some other projects.

For example, what can be done to attract more customers, if the settlement is constructed with the distance from Moscow is 100 km or more? It turns out the developers came up with the output from such a complex situation. They built in the village of helipad and opened a service taxi. Thus, the problem of transport accessibility has been solved with a huge benefit for residents of the settlement. Now the traffic jams they are not afraid. Hence, there is a significant savings of time, energy and nerves, which is very appreciated by wealthy clients. Only 15 minutes in the sky and you're already in the capital.

Many of the "chips" suggests the very location of the development companies cottage village. If near the cottage village is a pond, it will be very profitable to bet on the water sports or boating. If you are near a large forest, it is ideal for a hunting ground. The presence of hills encourages entrepreneurs in the country real estate to organize on its territory the place for downhill skiing.

The next moment, which was isolated analysts to create a cottage village outside the city, bringing builders and buyers only positive emotions, is the principle of social homogeneity. Like the elite club, in order to buy property in the village elite class must undergo a serious face-control. Thus, the villagers are a people of one's social status, that is one way of thinking and lifestyle. Such behavior can be attributed to one of the methods of marketing, since such a solution can also attract new customers to its object. Buyer in this case are invited to buy not just a house and a decent social environment in the form of respectable neighbors.

Development companies with a "klubnosti" receive additional assurance that unauthorized interference with the concept of building a cottage village will not happen. Such concern caused by the fact that in practice there are times when some owner of a country house decides, for example, insulate your house a two-meter fence with barbed wire. It is clear that this "architecture" in the middle of the elite settlement will look. Similarly bizarre built a bath in the style of Russian folk tales in the middle of the village with the European title and buildings. Such arbitrariness is not just violate the harmonious form of settlement, but most importantly for developers, indirectly impact on the investment attractiveness of the village as a whole. The principle of "klubnosti" to a certain extent to prevent such "amateur" and show some foresight.

To modern methods of marketing is also an impeccable reputation of developers who are engaged in one or another project. Realtors say that about 80% of our customers when choosing a country of real estate experience and are interested in the status of the developer and investor. If the answer they hear well-known name in the market, then there is confidence in the project and the desire to continue to negotiate. Competently conducted by management of construction and sales, effective project management in general and sales, in particular - is another factor influencing the success of the country and the complex dynamics of its implementation, which should be considered. Certain positive role in marketing will also play a brand of the village.
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