Market valuation of real estate is no longer a fever

20.06.2012 00:30
Articles about real estate | Market valuation of real estate is no longer a fever Despite the fact that the situation has stabilized, experts fear that this lull in the market valuation of real estate. After the abolition of controversial decisions of the State Property Fund and the Ministry of Justice on the evaluation of the real estate market situation has stabilized, and prices returned to previous levels. At the same time, experts say - this is temporary.

According to, market participants have noted that at the moment assessing the value of real estate market is, as before the change of the resonance, from 200 UAH. up to 500 UAH. At the time of the decisions of the State Property Fund and the Ministry of Justice of the prices were increased to 2.5 UAH. (Cost estimate of households reached 25 thousand UAH.).

At the same time the vice-president of the League of Ukrainian Svetlana Bovsunovskaya experts, believes that the cancellation decision on the assessment of real estate - "a fraud, and new actions will be taken with respect to the monopolization and privatization of the market."

From a legal point of view, says Bovsunovskaya, the decision of the Justice Ministry and the State Property Fund had not been repealed, and suspended. That is, companies, and appraisers who have entered the market after the change of the resonance, retain their certification and continue to operate in the market.

"If the decision were reversed, it would be automatically revoked all certificates, the appraisers would have been excluded from the register, would be declared null and void all the estimates, they are carried out, and they would be forced to return money to the consumer. This was not done - the decision had been suspended . So, this scheme will grow into something else, and will be resolved in a different order. Interested parties need time to come up with a different mechanism, "- said Bovsunovskaya.

To resolve the situation, experts consider it necessary to amend the law on the State Property Fund and to ensure a level playing field for all market players under the supervision of specialized non-governmental organizations.

"We insist that the market had been allowed to all appraisers who have expertise in assessing property. Of course, you need control over the quality of public organizations committed evaluations", - said Chairman of the Board "of the Ukrainian Society of Appraisers' Alex Amphitheater.

Recall that in early June, the decisions of the State Property Fund and the Ministry of Justice of the number of real estate appraisers in the Ukrainian market has been reduced from three thousand companies and 9 to 12 thousand specialists of 40-80 companies and professionals. The situation has received considerable attention, and on behalf of Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, the changes in real estate appraisals were canceled.
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