Market valuation of real estate been monopolizing

08.06.2012 10:06
Articles about real estate | Market valuation of real estate been monopolizing Federation of Business Appraisers, and intellectual property (FOBIS) appealed to the Antimonopoly Committee to take action to withdraw the rules relating to the implementation of the law "On State Property Fund of Ukraine," said FOBIS.

Thus, the Federation of Surveyors asked to take steps to establish a transparent mechanism for assessing property for tax purposes by canceling orders the State Property Fund (SPF) № 554, 555, 556 of April 23, 2012 and the Order of the Ministry of Justice, № 766/5 on May 21, 2012. And also recognize the appraisers who have received the qualification documents for the relevant specialty assessment in accordance with the law "On an estimate of property, property rights, and professional evaluation of the" right to carry out an assessment for tax purposes.

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In FOBIS argue that these innovations in the face of the State Property Fund had flouted the law "On protection of economic competition, namely Art. 15 - the provision of separate business entities or groups of subjects of management privileges or other benefits that put them in a privileged position relative to competitors, that leads or may lead to prevention, elimination, restriction or distortion of competition. As well as action, as a result of which a separate business entities or groups of business entities are adverse or discriminatory conditions of activity in comparison with competitors. "

The Federation of Surveyors explained that according to the orders and changes thereto SPF, instead of 9000 for certified appraisers working in Ukraine, only 50 people will make decisions about "what, how and to whom will be in our country." Note that the site has a list of SPF 12 unknown companies who have the right to appropriate assessment.

"Small and medium-sized businesses successfully and quickly be absorbed by large, - said in a statement FOBIS. - And this at a time when the president demanded that the leadership of government agencies engaged in law enforcement and supervisory functions, the immediate cessation of undue pressure on small and medium business. "

In addition, such innovations may lead to a significant increase in the cost of services to the population and put the "cross" on their quality. So, hastily, "sagging" provided certain changes in the structures monopoly to manipulate the assessment of the property.

FOBIS also provided a list of some of the changes made to the order, which lead to the monopolization of the market assessment services:

involvement in the evaluation of the "third parties" that are designed to be companions of valuation firms in the laundering of funds;
destruction of the Institute of probation contrary to the law "On the evaluation of property, property rights and professional valuation activities in Ukraine";
introduction of the so-called virtual quality management system assessment, which acquires the status of intellectual property "outside" organizations.

"Simply put, it legalized the mechanism for" rollback "of funds in the amount of about 70%, which would give a" foreign "organizations estimated the company to be admitted to this activity," - said in a statement.

According to representatives of FOBIS, the new rules do not just introduce a new scheme of "kickbacks", corruption, destruction of an entire sector for small and medium-sized businesses, but also leave thousands of unemployed professionals appraisers.

The Federation notes that this is not the first attempt to reshape itself for appraisal services with the same deputies. For three years appraisers are struggling with various attempts to make changes to assessment legislation such as those that still managed to hold on assessing the income of individuals. "Until now, the common sense of most people's deputies did not give the possibility of" a small, but very action group "to create an independent assessment of the Ukraine in a" small "business" - the report FOBIS.
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