Market rent cottages in the Kharkov region is not developed

21.06.2011 16:06
Articles about real estate | Market rent cottages in the Kharkov region is not developed Market rent villas in the region is not well developed, more widespread sale of houses and land in the summer community.

Those who prefer this kind of vacation is usually acquired in the suburban real estate ownership with a view to using it as a "weekend house" and for the cultivation of fruit and vegetable crops on a personal site.

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Offered as a daily and long-term lease. However, ads for delivery of a cottage / cottages are rare. The possible options when the owners need to care for the house in the spring and summer, do not take the rent, except for utilities. (An example of this option: the house with a plot s.Sharovka Bogodukhov region Kharkov region: 3 rooms, the comforts of home, satellite television, shall be only for a longer period - from March to October only on the conditions of payment of utilities).

The basic requirements of tenants: a picturesque place, the close proximity of recreational objects: a reservoir, timber, no further 25-30 km from Kharkov, the presence of furniture, refrigerator, comfortable.

Popular summer residence, located on the shore Pechenigy (Old Salt, Pechenigy, Hotomlya) Travyanskogo, Murom, Vyalovskogo reservoir on the bank of the Seversky Donets River Uda, Mzha etc.

Because the ads on renting cottages are extremely few, are some examples:

1. Olkhovka (10 km from Kharkiv). Picturesque location on the waterfront. 2 floors, 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Total floor area - 240 sq ft, lot size - 15 acres. In the house: independent heating, fireplace, furniture, TV (satellite TV), refrigerator, gas, hot and cold water, sewerage and telephone. In the courtyard grill, wrought iron gazebo, large yard, a private beach. Rental price: 400 UAH / day.

2. Balakleya, on the bank. Seversky Donets. Near the forest, in the private sector of the city. Cottage with all facilities (furniture, tableware, bedding, household appliances). Car parking, BBQ, beach, fishing. Rental price: up to 6 persons - 100 UAH / day during the summer season - 2500 USD / month.

3. Hotomlya (Pechenezhskoe reservoir). 150 m from the water. 2-story house, 4 rooms, all amenities. Rent: for the summer season - 3,000 USD (1,000 USD / mo.), With a 2-month lease - 2,500 USD (1,250 USD / mo.).

It is possible to find cheap deals on homes for sale in the summer community. Prices for villas, located 50 to 800 m of water on Vyalovskom, Murom, Travyanskom reservoir (a suburb of Kharkov) start at U.S. $ 3 thousand. Objects located at a distance of 70 km from Kharkiv (near the pond, forests) offer from U.S. $ 1500-2500.

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