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08.10.2009 16:14
. КартинкаMarket of the Lviv region suburban real estate

In the Lviv region today, there is no cottage settlement, covering a sufficiently large area and having internal infrastructure.
At the same time in attractive suburban areas have formed an elite building in which the owners of individual cottages together, organize general security, retail outlets, sports facilities and other necessary infrastructure elements. Such territories have received informal name "Field of Miracles" (in Bryukhovychi) and "Tsarskoe Selo" (in Konopnica).

The first small complex of houses, mostly townhouses, started construction on the outskirts of Lvov in 2006, is now in several such objects, but they do not always have all the required services for cottage communities.
Thus, the company "Comfort-Invest" has almost completed construction of the cottage community "Golden Mountain" in Sokilnykah (8 km from the center of Lviv). According to Lesia Ivanchenko, a specialist in real estate market of the primary network AN "Your comfort" in a field of about 0.4 hectares of 18 townhouses built area 165 sq. m with adjoining Plot 1 weaving. The cost of one square meter of housing options - $ 1 thousand, and total area - less than $ 1 thousand

Second town company, "Knyazhya Valley" in the salt, and more - it occupies about 1.7 hectares. It built 36 townhouses area of 189 sq. meters (outdoors section 3 hundred square) and 2 houses for 4 family homeownership area 201 sq. m (also 3 sotki). The cost of housing is $ 900 per square. m.
Every town will be the access road, all proper communication and security. At the same time, according to Lesia Ivanchenko, since the complexes are small and are located in populated villages near Lviv, build additional infrastructure is not needed. Nearby soon appear modern schools and shops, which will benefit residents and townhouses.
The company "Comfort-Invest" plans in the near future to build another town in Sokilnykah.
Also stated the project of integrated development in the village Vinniki, which provides for the construction of individual cottages, townhouses and apartment buildings.

Started and stopped construction of the first large cottage town "Galician dawns" in the settlement of Tags (12 miles from the center of Lviv). As told Vladimir Stepenko in the territory of 15 hectares will appear about 150 homes: townhouses and duplexes (140-160 square. M), as well as free-standing cottages (160-200 square. M), plots of land in the order of 8.10 hectare. In this town will be all the basic infrastructure: a supermarket, administration building, sports and playgrounds, car wash, park zones.
While the demand for detached houses above, townhouses in the Lviv region is also popular. Also manifest closeness of Poland, where such a format has expanded greatly, and relatively low cost for the whole house - it is comparable to the price of 2-3-room apartment in the center of Lviv.
In general, as noted by experts of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine, Lviv region has deficit areas, adapted for the system construction. In addition, most land in the suburbs - for agricultural purposes, and the current ban on their sale adversely affects the development of the market.

Among the buyers of land are most popular: Bryukhovichi and Tags (Yavorivskyi direction), Sokilnyki, Salt and Malechkovichi (Stryiskyi), Winter Water (Gorodotska), ore, Konopnica, Vinnik. This is the most developed towns near the ring road, which built much of modern cottages and villas. The cost of land in them - from $ 5 to $ 15 thousand sq.m..

The most prestigious and expensive suburb of Lviv - Bryukhovichi (8 kms). More than a century village, surrounded by forest, developed as a resort and recreation area, and in Soviet times had been built many resorts and Pioneer camps. Here you can still find small areas (6-10 hectare) at $ 8 - $ 20 thousand sq.m..

In general, the most attractive for the construction of your own home sites are located within a radius of 5 km from the border of Lviv, demand and land holdings at a distance of 10 km. From $ 1.5 - $ 3 thousand worth weaving land within a radius of 10 to 15 km. At the same time, more remote villages in the formation of prices is not geared to the regional center, but in small towns.
Do not use the very popular northern outskirts of Lviv (this part of town and Industry), as well as Gribovichi (district urban landfills). The cost of building land at around $ 1.5 - $ 2 thousand sq.m..
The most popular format of homeownership today - 2-storey (or 1 floor with attic) house of about 10h10m, located on the site - 10-15 hectare. Customers interested in pre-emption of land or construction in progress, but the final price of residential property shall not exceed $ 1.5 thousand / sq. m. The determining factor is still the cost of the cottage, and not "square".
The cost of private homes in the city ranges from $ 750 to $ 2,5 thousand for the quarter. m depending on the region and state.

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