Market cottage settlements gradually comes to life

16.11.2010 20:05
Articles about real estate | Market cottage settlements gradually comes to life Buyers were interested not only in plots of land, but also ready to inexpensive houses and sites with contract. In selling a lot of new towns, and urban developers have announced the release of their projects on the country market

Land filled
Crisis a few years ago resulted in a large volume of proposals rather new to the market of cottage settlements of the product. This is a land without having to contract for construction. The fact that, in connection with the crisis, most owners of large tracts of land have been forced to do such a sellout.

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During this period, consumer confidence to a suburban property in the primary market, when a client on the acquisition must be content with only sight of an empty land without any guarantees to see it in time built a house, fell almost to zero. Rare buyers that have appeared at this time could be interested or already fully prepared and connected to communications at home or on the contrary, the land on which they can build a cottage in the desired time convenient to them. In this case, the owners of large land plots, which had planned (or already started) to implement their projects cottage communities often did not have its own funds for construction: they hoped to erect houses on the money their customers. A vicious circle. Also get rid of large tracts of land (mostly agricultural land) from their owners, nor was any opportunity - for them, even with a solid discount, buyers were not. Here are the owners and had to break them into smaller parcels and sold as part of the so-called cottage community, which can hardly be called as such because of the absence not only houses, but also communications, roads and often even the land survey.

The most interesting parts of the proposal on "price-quality" in crisis find buyers in the spring of this year, the same number of customers has grown significantly with the choice in this segment. By quality we mean excellent location, transportation accessibility, availability, or the ability to connect to the communications, of course, the availability of land surveying, and more. For example, one of the developers offer land plots of 4-5 million rubles, with the ability to connect to all communications is relatively far from the city, while his rivals could set the price of 10 million rubles for the plots of the same area in a more distant location. Accordingly, the first would provide a much more comfortable and promising sales chart (there were months when they sold more than 10 sites), rather than his opponent, who has bought a 1.2 plot per year.

Solid pros?
Today the market is a new trend, which indicates an improvement in the segment of cottage settlements. "One of the main trends of recent months has become quite active sale of prefabricated houses in the townships, - says Olga Troshev, deputy director of the Consulting Centre" St. Petersburg Real Estate ". - Also, increased interest in the countryside facilities under construction. In addition, there were buyers on sites with a binding contract to build the house, which had not been for two years. The whole of last year and throughout the spring of this year sold exclusively areas that now constitute two-thirds of the proposal. "

According to the developers, the plots with a row - it's solid pluses for consumers. "Areas with contract offer several advantages - says Maria Selivanova, Head of Sales Country real estate company" BTK Development ". - This scheme allows to observe all the standards of quality, because the kit, assembly, landing at home and connect to all communications made by one developer. Moreover, directly in the village there is some guarantee of a unified social environment and compliance with a unified architectural style. Also contracted to build saves time buyer: it is not engaged in coordination of the project in the state authorities, obtaining initial permits, supervision of construction and installation works ... All this is in itself the developer and the client simply opens the door and comes in ready house. "

As an example, an expert leads a gated development, which builds the "BTK Development" - "Baltic Riviera. It plots the second stage necessarily imply a row (in the first stage are sites with free contracting) to build a house in one of four architectural styles - classical, modern, Half-timbered houses and chalets. This format allows you to retain the concept of the village and take into account various individual client's wishes.

Nevertheless, in areas with contract there are obvious drawbacks: relatively high price (in some cases corresponds to the price of finished homes), and at the same time - in fact no guarantees of putting the house at any time. The cost may be 10, 15 and over millions of rubles.
Under the buyer

Despite the popularity of the trend of purchase of finished housing, retailers are cautious - and for them the crisis was not in vain: many long standing ready at home. Now developers prefer not to risk it and not to build houses before they did not find a buyer. Erect houses begin directly under the client: he bought land - build a house. On the one hand, it reduces the risks, but on the other hand, if there is no built cottages, reduced rates of sales. Most buyers want to see that they will eventually, and well, although if the developer would take care of the construction of a demonstration cottage.

Incidentally, such a scheme - the construction of a client - have adopted even in one of the most inexpensive and most successful (largely for this reason) Project - "New Izhora. According to Svetlana Arshinnikovoy, commercial director of "Zanevsky (included in GC Baltros"), the first and second stages of the area "New Izhora sold in finished form. While it was necessary to load plant, which manufactures panels for prefabricated houses, and to form the first quarter of buildings. Since 2007, the buyers have found more than 900 homes. Now the building houses in the new quarter of the project (start of sales - Fall 2010) will begin only after the down payment and 40% signing the preliminary contract.

True, the realtors, like people who are closest to the customers and know their preferences, do not approve of such savings. "Of course, selling houses" under the purchaser "- a scheme which guarantees the developer of 100% w implementation cottage, - says Pavel Pikalev, director of Penny Lane Realty Saint Petersburg. - However, for the buyer, if he does not want to acquire a site, and wants to buy a cottage, now ready at home - is the most important factor, as in the elite class, and in the economy segment. "

Thus, the most viable option for today's buyers - a ready home. According to Olga Troshev, most customers are interested in very cheap offers - at prices ranging from 3.5 to 10 million rubles. True, the first units on the market - basically, the price tag starts from 6 million rubles. Important note to ready their homes - it is their novelty: Buyers are not interested in those options that have stood in the snow and rain, a couple of years of crisis in the absence of customers. Expert opinion confirms colleagues. According to Stanislav Azatsky, director of Adveks. Residential Real Estate, buyers are still interested in the house, ready to move in, the cost of 5-7 million rubles.

Nevertheless, according to the Consulting Center Petersburg Real Estate, at the end of August 2010 to built houses accounted for only 18% of supply (number of objects rather than on the number of settlements). The main part falls on construction sites or sites with binding contract - it's about 600 sq m. In the market for townhouses constructed facilities, accounting for 16% proposal, the construction phase is still about 270 thousand sq. m.

Olga Troshev notes, among other trends, a growing interest in luxury property at a price of about 20 million rubles. According to Leonid Vedeneeva, director of the North-Eastern Department of Real Estate Agency "Alexander", statistics show increased by 1,5-2 times the number of calls from customers wishing to buy suburban real estate in the high segment, which is a good sign of market recovery. He's still not as active as in the pre-crisis time, but a clear trend to a progressive increase already noticeable.

Newcomers rushed to market
Another trend this year: in spring and summer, developers began to actively express their new projects, which was not very long ago. There are new players in the suburban real estate market. For example, previously known as "New England" project in the southeast of Petersburg Petrodvorets district will develop a new company in the market "Satellite Development". The project is now called "New-Sergiev, it was headed by a former commercial director Makromir Sergey Rumyantsev. The territory of Novo-Sergiev "scale - 382 hectares. It is supposed to place 1.5 million square meters of housing. They will include townhouses and apartment houses.

Another project introduced a holding company, "Empire" (a network of business centers, "Senator"). The company intends to build a housing estate, which will be located 5 km from the ring road on the riverbank in the village of Okkervil Novosergievka Vsevolozhsk district. On a plot of 38 hectares located from 150 to 200 houses. The average area of 200 square meters of houses, the size of areas - from 12 to 15 hectare. Each cottage will be connected to utilities - electricity, gas, water, sewerage. "Empire" takes on the construction of the entire infrastructure of the village.

Stepped on a suburban market and urban developers. Thus, CDS is the second time opens the sale in the village of townhouses Kantele (first unsuccessful attempt was before the crisis). At this time the offer was more attractive, especially since the project is located in resort areas - on the border of Sunny and Repin. Townhouses will be sold at fairly good price - from 4.2 million rubles per section area of 120 sq.m. The average price of townhouses in the area of the order of 12-14 million rubles. The new village is designed for 230 houses with a total area of 30 thousand square meters with areas of about 2 hectare.

Several came to life and those projects that have long been at the stage of freezing. For example, Eurosib Development has announced the resurrection of the "Big Dipper". The companies' Ross Raquin St. Petersburg "," National Housing Corporation - St. Petersburg has also launched a new project some developers are about to launch the next stage of existing settlements: for example, "Auto dealer BRT" - the second and third place in the town of "Lake Cat.

Despite the fact that demand has not yet been recovered, in 2010 the suburban market, not only did not decrease, but rather increased, both by number of projects, and the number of households. The bulk of the newly emerged draft in the spring-summer (85%). The largest project, was released to the market in 2010, is a set of "Peter's Gardens" (Priozersky district). Claimed 750 homes, for sale are the first and second stage (276 plots).

Economy gaining momentum

Growing share of economy-class: finally developers are not following their own ambitions and expectations of customers who want to buy suburban real estate cheaply. Now the economy class is already about one third of the market. Remained the most actively developing the northern area which is popular with buyers. The most interesting for buyers and productive in terms of new projects - as before, Vsevolozhskiy district, where over the last months of the current appeared about 35% of all new towns in the Leningrad region. Active development and shows the southern direction, most of the proposals here in Gatchina and the Lomonosov district. Proposals in the south of heterogeneous: there are certain elite and homeownership costs 20 million rubles, and economy-class costs 5.6 million rubles.

As for prices, they recently remained virtually unchanged. However, here we are talking about pricing proposal. Transaction prices are always lower by 15-20%, but the developers do not advertise them, but prefer to negotiate with buyers. According to Stanislav Azatskogo, interested buyers so far are most apparent only in large numbers to display objects, the real sales are not so frequent, and usually from the auction of 10 to 20% depending on the price segment. The decision to buy is still a lot of time with customers, and this state of the market will probably persist for 2-3 years.

Olga Troshev, deputy director of the Consulting Center Petersburg Real Estate

If we talk about the structure of the market, it is still a large proportion of sites. This is understandable - the financial situation of suburban developers do not allow them to realize the full projects with buildings. In fact, most vendors and developers can not be called - they just once cheaply bought land and planned to then sell it at exorbitant prices, but failed, and now I have to call their land the project and sell it in small plots, because the big nobody not needed. For a really interesting from an architectural concept and intuitive status of land, the projects tend to cost the banking industry. Unfortunately, the massive sale of parts went to the damage just began its development of cottage settlements. The quality of such a proposal is often so low (not even a subdivision, not to mention the possibility of connecting to the communications), which called the project, which just sold a piece of land, cottage communities, language is not rotated.
Leonid Vedeneyev, director of the Northeastern Department, Real Estate Agency "Alexander"

Replaced by an abnormally hot summer and the almost total lack of interest in any property of the clients come in all respects a pleasant autumn. Buyers are waiting-waiting for the fall in prices, but it was not followed, and most of them returned to the market for shopping. Statistics show increased by 1,5-2 times the number of calls from customers wishing to buy suburban real estate in the high segment, which is a good sign of market recovery. Changed, primarily qualitative demand: there were transaction costs of 10 million rubles, which almost was not in 2009. Significantly increased demand in the range from 2 to 10 million rubles, while in 2009, deals in this region were isolated. Decreased as the terms for an exhibition of objects. Liquidity and Running object to the normal value often takes the first customer who left for the show.
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