Management companies will work more efficiently ZhEKov

25.11.2011 11:15
Articles about real estate | Management companies will work more efficiently ZhEKov The operating companies will be able to replace ZhEKi and provide a more professional and efficient management of residential apartment buildings, the president of the Union crisis-management and coordinator of the initiative group on the development of self-regulation in Ukraine Paul Mihaylidi.

"It is necessary to create such conditions that the system of self-residents encouraged them to unite and foster a culture of self-awareness that we need to manage their homes" - he said at a press conference on Thursday, presenting the Ukrainian socio-economic project, "The house manager XXI".

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According to P. Mihaylidi, represent the union of condominiums (AJOAH) will house manager, who was elected AJOAH and having special education, and added that the de-monopolization of the industry of housing and communal services (HCS) in the course of reform and modernization of the industry to contribute to the interest from private of investors.

Acting President of the Union of Small and medium-sized enterprises privatized Vyacheslav Bikovecs confirmed the interest of the program by private companies.

"Business, I repeat, is interested to participate in all phases of the project (management of private companies, apartment buildings)," - he said.

However, V. Bykovetsotmetil that the business will not be able to address patron, in particular, need to repair house before making the objects of management.

According to P. Mihaylidi, overhaul passed in AJOAH residential homes solely for public funds is also hardly possible.

In addition, the head of the Committee of the Association of Professional Property Dmitry Korchev drew attention to the issue of land allocation for multifamily housing, tenants who have already created AJOAH.

"Today, no more than 10 AJOAH are land acquisition, while in Kiev about 500 such houses," - he said, expressing hope that the transition to market relations in the management of apartment buildings, authorities will issue a AJOAH acts on the ground.

The first stage of the All-Ukrainian economic and social project "house manager XXI", in particular, provides for the implementation of programs such as "The School Governing Housing", "Energy Efficient City", "Professional Property Management" and "Legal Clinic".

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