Mallorca Spanish island of contrasts

31.10.2011 01:15
Mallorca has a very high standard of living. You can call it "the Spanish island of contrasts," it has everything you need for a perfect holiday: sandy beaches and a real rock, the bustling and quiet, a rich cultural life and active, diverse night crowd. However, local residents doing their best to preserve the history of his native island, in particular, the legacy of the Arab culture.

In the city of Palma, the capital of Majorca, it was especially good. Walking in a cozy, beautiful old city with narrow pedestrian streets, I enjoyed the cultural heritage of the island. Here, with the rural and unspoilt life connected life today, trading and active.

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Night diversity

As you know, what a civilized country, the less work there. Local people - incredibly civilized people. As soon as the evening comes and ends siesta, all shops are closed and the city preparing for the night life. Here, lovers of dance just will not be disappointed, from dusk to dawn on some island resorts gushes International, noisy, crazy crowd.

The most popular resort for parties, I definitely call Magalluf. True, they do not advise you to buy houses, if you plan to sleep at least one night a week. This area does not stop for a walk and make noise, day or night. Number of clubs in Mallorca, of course, in times less than in Ibiza, but it takes not the quantity but quality. There is no domination of drug addicts, it's much cleaner and more civilized.

At the local hangouts reigns an atmosphere of freedom and looseness that can knock out any of the complexes sandwiched average tourist. And you will not notice how a couple of days become "his" and calmly respond to pretty girls who tout you go to a particular bar, promising free alcohol. But beware! Bars - it's only warm-up before the real kings of Majorca club: BCM Planet Dance (part-time, by the way, this is the biggest disco in Europe) and "capital» Titos. Both are required to attend! This is a huge club that can accommodate over 3,000 people. In them every summer, always speak English stars of the world of dance culture, such as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Ledy Xussa, Dave Clark and many others.

Food & drink

If you are a gourmet, then again you're in luck! Kitchen in Mallorca will not leave anyone indifferent: it is very ancient, sophisticated, varied and, of course, delicious. Incidentally, it was she who gave the world famous mayonnaise and lots of other delicious dishes. Here, forget about their diets, even the most principled girl.

Mainstay of the local cuisine is pork, fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables grown on local plantations, and all meals must refuel more garlic and olive oil. But in order to experience the true flavor of local food, it is mandatory to try several dishes.

First, since vegetables are the basis of most national dishes, I recommend you try the "tumbet" - roasted eggplant, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. Eggplant in general are very popular in the Majorcan cuisine, prepared them stuffed with meat or fish, or baked. Famous and very popular hot "Frito Mallorca" with vegetables and bird entrails, and vegetable stew with lamb giblets "Frito de Cordero."

If you're an avid meat-eater, do not pass the "scrap am Coke" - pork wrapped in cabbage leaves with pine nuts and raisins, as well as "lechony" - roast suckling pig. By the way, to the manufacture of sausages here fit very responsibly and creatively, traditional manufacturing several types. "Sobrasada" - sausage made of special steel breed pigs reared here. It also adds a lot of red peppers and various spices, packed in natural shell which in consistency it resembles a paste. "Botifaro" - pork sausage with blood, "kamayot" - a black sausage with a very pronounced specific smell. And to any dish of your choice, be sure to be served a simple but very favorite snack Majorcan "SBA na oli" - bread soaked in olive oil with dried pork and special varieties of tomatoes, "ramoet."

Yet specialties, past which did not pass, are, without doubt, fish and seafood. Along the coast of Majorca, the best lobster caught the Mediterranean, from which the island prepare a delicious roast. Believe, Do not miss out! Love to cook on the grill, "Cap Roig" (red scorpion fish), but the fish "blanket" (Depth) amazing baked in salt, it has a white tender meat practically no bones and is considered the queen of the local waters.

After a hearty dinner, under the laws of Majorcan relies tasty dessert. One of the most popular delicacies of the island is "ensaymada" (sweet air in the form of a spiral roll). You can also try "rubols" (pastry stuffed with cheese or jam). By the way, the island has five restaurants with stars Michelin, which is a significant achievement Majorcan chefs.

Sports in Majorca

Well, after a hearty meal, a sin not to burn the accumulated calories, especially if it is burning can deliver so much fun! Mallorca is considered to be an ideal place to engage in a variety of sports, especially water. It is popular with windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, scuba diving and fishing. To do this, create the best conditions in virtually every area of ​​tourism in Majorca you will find a sports network ports and yacht clubs and dive centers. By the way, a popular diving tours on the island include underwater caves of varying complexity, graveyard of ships, sunken remains of ancient settlements. And at the bottom of the sea are often found barracuda, octopus, sea eels, stars, urchins, sponges, soft corals, etc.

Windsurfing engaged mainly in the north. Typically, from July 15 to August 15, there is a very good sea breeze and the quality of the wave, which make it possible to frolic on the board enough. A big plus is that you can rent windsurfing on the beach Alcudia and other tourist areas in the north and south.

Particular attention is paid on an island in the game of golf. The Palma de Mallorca annual international golf tournaments, collecting the best players in the world, and also runs Open de Baleares, competition for high-class professionals, the Grand Prix of Mallorca.

And even for those who like expanse of tourism here: if you want - go on foot, you want - on a bicycle rode. Benefit and in order for the other developed many special routes. Bicycles, incidentally, can be rented at almost every corner.

Stars in Mallorca

Famous people have long chosen Majorca and is actively buying up properties on it. To begin with, that the Spanish royal family every year here in the summer resting in his palace Miravent. Representatives of the royal family can often be seen on private beaches and a expensive local restaurants. Michael Douglas also realized the beauty of the island and bought a villa in the picturesque and romantic mountain village of Deya on the beach. Also, their homes here have a singer Annie Lennox, rock musician Julian Lennon, a fashion model Claudia Schiffer. A tennis player Rafael Nadal in general was born and raised in Mallorca, in the town of Manacor.

On the island we see not only a huge number of media persons and people from show business. Worked in Majorca painters and sculptors Joan MirÓ and Miguel Barcelo, incidentally, designed the cathedral last La Seo in Palma de Mallorca. At various times, lived on the island and screenwriter Photo Not Gay Hamilton and opera singer Regineh Crespo. A composer and pianist Frederic Chopin and his lover, writer George Sand spent the winter of 1838 in Valldemossa. He lived in a cell of the Cartesian monastery, which now can look and see even his personal belongings stored there. Finally, on the island you can feel the spirit of the royal Princess Grace Kelly, who spent their honeymoon here with her husband, Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Every year the resort has more than 12 million tourists, mostly Germans, French and British. Our countrymen on this wonderful island is not very much, but I'm sure that every year their number will grow, because, having been once in Mallorca, it is impossible not to fall in love it!
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