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11.09.2010 00:03
Articles about real estate | Makhnev not looking? Due to financial problems the Ukrainians are increasingly buying and selling flats prefer an exchange.

After the crisis on the domestic real estate market has returned such a thing as sharing an apartment. The Soviet past, when the ball was ruled brokers, and the notion of "buy an apartment" was a gimmick, once again became a reality. The crisis has devastated our pockets, but to live better still would be desirable.

All the capital
At the beginning of the crisis much to say about such a phenomenon as Downshifting - when people are consciously willing to give up surplus of vital goods. In 2008, experts predicted the outcome of our comfortable city apartments in the provincial malometrazhki and private homes. However, realtors say they go to a lowering of our people even in the crisis were not ready, and one solution metropolitan residents to exchange an apartment housing in the region are 100 wishing to get to Kiev.

- About 60% of applications come from the provinces: Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy, Poltava. A lot of applications in steps from the South Coast. In this case, very little of the Western Ukraine. Within the capital of people change their apartment on the Houses in the suburbs or vice versa - describes a situation director of the Bureau of exchanges apartments Vyacheslav Koval.

Swap deal happen, people come from regions to the capital, so far as in this case become of people of Kiev? It's simple - the main suppliers of apartments for exchange transactions rid of unnecessary burdens. As a rule, they change the apartment, which is not live. During the crisis, have bought before "in reserve" housing was too expensive.

But moving to Kiev people want not only because they are so drawn to the comfort. This is just one of the reasons, but most - look for a new, better paid jobs. To the west of the country sharing the same flat "slack" because there are many families living zarobitchan. Their source of income anyway, is abroad, so the extra cost for accommodation in Kiev, he makes no sense.

In exchange, the apartment is the salvation of such a category of citizens, such as bank borrowers. Real estate specialists say that there are about 20% among all those present at the market exchange. Such people are initially set to get smaller apartment, but always with a surcharge.

- This option is quite satisfied with the bank. Now about a third of loans - problem, so financial institutions are happy if they pay at least part of the debt on the mortgage. But if someone from the borrowers still dare to return, he must bear in mind that the mortgage follows the apartment - the bank says lawyer Michael Yumashev.

There are custom options exchange - for example, the machine at the apartment. But very rarely, since realtors are not engaged in such transactions - is too difficult to understand the technical side for one particular case.

- I do not think we are threatened with barter: an apartment on the wagon of sugar. Until enough that that change - says Koval. - We are not even take suggestions for the exchange of land for an apartment. At the moment the land is not interested in people in general.

There are nuances

• Complexity of procedures for the exchange of housing - in search of suitable options. Do on their own people is difficult. Realtors also are its chain of exchange, on average, it consists of three members. In total, making the chain in the capital, leaving at least 1 month in the regions - 2 weeks.
• The average co-payment for relocation to a larger apartment: in Kiev - 25 thousand dollars, in the regions - 8 th Service Realtor and a lawyer will cost when you make an exchange or 1,5 thousand dollars a fixed rate or at a rate of 3.5 % of the purchase price.
• Most transactions executed after all as a contract of sale. The legislation provides for barter, but the deal should not be participating, Vova more than 2 parties.
Keeping pace with the crisis
Specialists have no doubt that the exchange of housing - a product of the crisis. Once it is finished, this type of service again in vain. In the meantime, the number of square meters per capita lags behind the needs. Now on to one Ukrainian accounted for 23 of the "square", where housing is - not the best quality. Adds tar is also a problem in the mortgage market. Buy real estate in debt now offers little more than a dozen financial institutions.

- Well, that realtors are trying to earn something, to keep companies and jobs. But the exchange - it kvazirynok, - said the head of the National Council "Realtor Chamber of Ukraine Oleksandr Bondarenko. - I do not know what countries still practice like that. Neither in Europe nor in North America Relocation is not present. Of course, the exchange in a market - foreign element. Renewal of this horny, Sov services manifested by non-performing financial institutions, lack of money from people. Exchange for a fee, with a baby carriage in the appendage, the old "penny" as a bonus - a consequence of problems of the real estate market. He first responds to a crisis and the last out of it.

In the meantime realtors say that work on exchange from them yet - no end. In 2008, clients of real estate agencies were very surprised when they offered to exchange, but now they wonder if this is not possible. Experts estimate that in 2009 alone the number of transactions on the exchange increased by 20%. As a result, now out of the total number of transactions on the sale of 70%, and the exchange - 30%. Themselves realtors predict that the exchange market will flourish even 5-10 years.

Below the line
In the crisis of offers on the exchange - this is positive for the people. But experts would like to see this market quickly turned its activities. Nevertheless, to real estate transactions reached the normal commercial footing, should earn the country's economy, recover from mortgage lending, but by smaller percentages than the offer now.
- If people are interested in a loan for an apartment, I want to take him to a psychiatrist. Borrowing under 22% per annum - this is madness. Immediately after we see the ad: "Offering long-term money by small percentages, can talk about the end of the crisis - said Alexander Bondarenko. - By the way, contributes to economic recovery and housing. After the new house - this production of building materials and metal, and parts, and infrastructure. That is a live production and jobs.
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