Make a choice: living block or private house?

04.09.2010 04:48
Articles about real estate | Make a choice: living block or private house? Young families with a modest budget of the cottage can only dream.
Komsomolskaya Pravda decided to investigate, for example, it is better to purchase - an apartment or cottage. We found six major differences.


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The first thing you need to buy a new home, it is necessary to collect for these purposes amount. One bedroom apartments in the capital will start from 50 thousand dollars. In the suburbs, "odnushku" can be found for 35-40 thousand dollars.

For the same money you can find a decent house only stokilometrovoy zone of Kiev. From this distance every day to work is not hitting. In order to live at least 20-30 km from the city limits, you need more money.

Plot of 10 hectare will cost at least 20 thousand dollars. Still about $ 500 per square meter you have to spend to build and furnish homes. That we take the most budget option. Total, we find that 160-meter house will cost 100,000 dollars.

For this money you can buy a two-bedroom apartment in the heart of the capital, or "three-ruble note" in a residential area. However, the area it will be at least twice to give the private home.

In terms of convenience, a private house outright wins from the apartment. Try to find 6-7-room apartment, equipped with pool table, garage, workshop, sauna, wine cellar and other amenities that are elementarily solved during the construction of his house.

In addition, you can design your house so that the garage will be directly exposed to residential areas. Find this option in the same apartment building is very difficult. Until now, construction is not very large number of buildings with elevators straight into the underground parking.

The yard area can also be very useful - it will look good playground or a gazebo with barbecue. And you want, do a small sports field, and then you do not need to go to the gym. And the best part about all this, that children's sandbox, no one will walk their dogs, and in the gazebo, you will not find someone else's empty bottles. In addition, in the case of an unplanned increase in your family can always make an addition to the house, if you are already all the rooms are occupied.

And at this point wins a private home. Not only that you and your children will always be on the air, and materials for the future of family estate, you can choose your own. Also, instead of urban tap water, which often do not withstand scrutiny because of old pipes, you can drill a well at 100 meters and an extra filter to get water is no worse than they sell in supermarkets. If you are not willing to spend decent money on water, you can get water from a depth of 30-40 meters, though its quality may be at the level of water. In these layers come across a lot of iron impurities.

A big plus - your own garden. Even a small piece of land 5 by 5 meters will be able to provide you with greenery all year round. And if you do not contaminate its chemical, then it will bring a benefit.

Well, here wins apartment. Around the city are few places where to get to work faster than any sleeping area. However, if your office is located near the district, and you live a few miles from her, then consider yourself lucky. But most commuters spend on the road to the place of work more hours, while urban residents commute by car no longer than half an hour. And the extra half hour in one direction poured in 5 hours per week, or almost 11 days per year that you spend on the road.

Yes, and the presence of a machine for living outside the city required. However, even minor damage, which forced the car to spend the night in the service, you may be unable to move as quickly as possible. On the trains or shuttles are not a lot of hitting. At the same time, city dwellers sometimes moves faster by subway than by car.

Yet another problem of country life - a rigid schedule transportation. Stopping long hours at work, most office workers to call a taxi, and this often translates into three-digit number and hits the family budget.

Distance from civilization immediately affects the amenities that surround you. More precisely, in their absence. Especially do not count on a fixed telephone, cable TV, dedicated channels for access to the Internet or a daily morning newspapers.

Moreover, you have to carry a child to school, go for food in the city, and in case of sudden illness of their own to go to the hospital. Why wait for an ambulance in the province is not easy. Do not forget that most of your friends and family will live in the city, and you have to travel regularly to them.

Children in a country house - is generally a headache. Where can I find a nanny in the countryside? It turns out that one parent should stay with their preschool child, because of kindergartens in the suburbs, too bad.

This is perhaps the most difficult moment in suburban life. The house requires a huge cost and your free time. All that in the very least make the housing office and other community organizations, you have to perform yourself or hire a maid.

Get ready for winter to clear snow from the garage up to the exit on the street. During the autumn and spring rains, the dirt roads are transformed into arable land, forcing you to change to a jeep or walk. If you fail any life support system at home, its maintenance would have to deal with you personally, and not zheku. And in the summer of your site itself will require significant attention. Why trim the grass, look after flowers, shrubs and trees, too, someone should.

In winter you waits many unexpected difficulties. For example, with the onset of cold you can freeze well. After heavy snowfalls often severed wires, and not to sit without light, you just need a generator - the damaged areas are restored electricity in the area sometimes for several days. At high loads on the mains during the heating season in the province are more likely blackouts of electricity and gas pressure in the pipeline. Roads in rural areas be cleaned from the snow is much worse and less frequently than in urban areas, if the net in general.

However, it is worth noting that heating will you include yourself, but not when it wants local authorities. Therefore, you only pay for actual consumption of fuel.

Instead of an epilogue

As you can see all the pros and cons of living outside the city were divided in half. One can not say that the city apartment is worse at home. So, to choose between the urban and suburban life you have to yourself.


The most expensive and cheap "hatynki"

The minimum cost of suburban real estate in July of 3000 dollars for a house to an area of 60 square meters. m, which is located 100 km from Kiev. The maximum price reaches $ 10 million mansion in an area of 800 square meters. m, located in the exclusive suburb of Kiev (25 km from the capital) and built on individual author's design. Such data leads and classified ads portal in the review Slando suburban real estate market in July.

Average cost of "square" a country house - 555 dollars. Proposals for the sale of houses in the Odessa area comprise 23% of all ads on the Boryspil district accounts for about 12% in Zhitomir area - 11%. Brovarsky, Vyshgorodsky, Obukhov, Vasilkovsky and other areas and areas occupied by up to 7% of all proposals for the sale of suburban real estate.

The cost of country houses in the Odessa area ranges from $ 400 per square. m. But the average price of houses in Zhytomyr direction and Boryspil district ranges from $ 1000 per sqm. m, Vyshgorod and Obukhov areas - $ 350 and $ 2,740 per square. m, respectively.

About 2% of all ads - offers to sell units at a cost of $ 3000 to $ 7000. Basically this summer cottages with communications and the area to 60 square meters. m, located 100 kilometers from Kiev, and more.
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