Makarska built the house uninhabitable

29.05.2011 13:40
Russian duo Anton and Victoria Makarska victims of a construction firm. Country house in which his wife have invested 15 million rubles, the experts acknowledged uninhabitable.

At the country house a couple hoarding for many years and came to the issue of building thoroughly. Victoria Makarska personally chose the architectural design of the building and entered into an agreement with contractors. "I lied from beginning to end. I notice the theft, but I was advised not to change the builders: they say, and who does not steal? I had a contract with them, and I was fully confident that the company is responsible for their actions before the law ", - told Makarska.

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When the house was ready, a special commission into service a house is not accepted. "Examination showed that even the foundation is no good. Due to violations of building codes everything collapses, "- noted Makarska. When building deception was discovered, it became clear that contractors, no one was building education, migrant workers and the work performed, reports portal Profi-News.

Victoria and Anton started to collect opinions of experts needed to prove fraud builders. Employees of the same company said that the house have no relationship with Makarska and money had been received. Foreman, who led the construction site, the firm's management fired and reset all of his accounts. Negotiate with the owners of the company are not directly managed.
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