Made up of the world most expensive coastal homes

07.02.2013 00:00
Articles about real estate | Made up of the world most expensive coastal homes At present, the world is for sale so many homes with spectacular views of the water. One of the most expensive of these homes are in the county of Devon in southwest England. Villa worth about 85 million rubles windows overlooks the harbor with white yachts. In Greek Kefalonia from the windows of houses, valued at 40 million rubles, you can see the famous island of Ithaca and Lefkada. If desired, they can swim up to the boat.

In Spanish Marbella apartment is available at a price of up to 30 million rubles, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. In the evening you can enjoy the view of the lights of the coast.

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In Canada, almost 30 million rubles, you can buy a cottage, located in the port Midveya. The sea can be enjoyed from every room.

In the French Alps for sale, perhaps, the most expensive waterfront mansion with ten bedrooms. Price luxury dwellings - 421 million rubles, the "RBC Real Estate."
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