Lyudmila Suprun: «At the moment the draft law of the land is not in the public domain»

20.01.2011 17:24
Lyudmila Suprun: «At the moment the draft law of the land is not in the public domain» Secrecy of government information on the upcoming "Land Reform" raises questions not only about the next assault on the rights of citizens, but also on harm to national interests. Told a version of the publication "Ukraine and the world today," said the leader of the Peoples Democratic Party Lyudmila Suprun.

In particular, in "Economic News" recently published an article "Earth in the sale, which reports on some aspects of the draft law" On land market. " In it, according to deputy chairman of the State Agency for Land Resources, requested that the owners of agricultural land can only be Ukrainians and legal entities registered in Ukraine. "Foreigners will not have the right to own the agricultural land" - leads the "EI" According to the deputy of the State Committee. In order to avoid monopolization of the market will be restricted to the area of land that may hold one master.

"At the moment the bill is not in the public domain, but because of what is said by the representative of the State Committee can make a preliminary conclusion that the model prepared by the land reform confirms the worst expectations. Namely, the government is preparing for the mass buying of agricultural land. A statement that the physical land owners may be limited to citizens of Ukraine, designed to uninformed public. The bill allows for purchase of land by legal entities, which means that opens the way for the acquisition of land by foreign companies through front companies and offshore. Stated limitations on quantitative land ownership are also, in fact, empty words, for estates will be formed with the help of dummy entities "- shares his fears Lyudmila Suprun.

NDP leader believes that even the little information the preliminary conclusion is obvious: the authorities refused on the experience of many European countries, where land is owned by the state and may only rent it. "People's Democratic Party has repeatedly stated the need for a specialized State Land Fund, which would act as state agents in the land market, and by whom would be held in land, and were given to loans secured by land. Six months ago I developed the concept of public land fund, for public discussion which I encourage all concerned citizens, mills, - says Lyudmila Suprun.

Concept of the State Land Fund provides effective mechanisms to protect the rights of owners, as well as common to all market participants the rules that protect the state interests of Ukraine.
"Earth - is not just a national treasure, and it is not just a resource. Land - is a space for life. But the owner gets the rights to any land use, and if the state loses control over land-use means that it actually loses part of its territory. In carrying out land reform, this factor must be considered, as is done in countries where the land issue is successfully regulated by the state ", - said the leader of the NDP.

It should be recalled continues Lyudmila Suprun of unfair land reform, when agricultural land were given only to residents of villages, while the property distributed certificates to all citizens. And the plots were different: one distributed on 50 acres, another of 3.5 ha, as the basis for the village was taken and the number of its inhabitants. "This proves once again that ill-conceived reform, especially land, without effective mechanisms is possible only due to prejudice the rights of citizens and national interests."

According to Lyudmila Suprun, sharpness issue attached, and the fact that "land reform" will be held after the increase in utility tariffs and prices for consumer goods. As a result, says NDP leader, people will simply be forced to give her a piece of land on the cheap.

"There is every reason to believe that the government intends to so-called" land reform "to repeat the path used in the privatization of the industry. In the short term we should expect massive land grab by the talk of the introduction of the "civilized market" - says Lyudmila Suprun.

At the end of NDP leader said that led her party makes the question of land reform a priority of his political career to date.

Vladimir Melenevskii, "EI"
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