Lviv housing market rescue tourists

02.11.2010 14:53
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Director of local company "Golden Arch" Irina Yaremko said that there is only little interest in the objects around 70 squares in the city center, where you can lodge tourists. Galicians, like Odessa, expect lower prices.

Already, vendors are willing to give 10-20% of the declared value of the property. Such loyalty to the potential buyers was seen as a good sign, since the beginning of the year flat in Lviv, only more expensive.

Lost interest even to a highly shelter in the homes of the Austrian construction. Apartments of 100 square meters. m, which before the crisis, sold for $ 250 thousand, now, do not take, and for $ 150 thousand

Prices pulled down and policy developers. From April to September in the square erected in the center of the Galician capital fell from $ 2.6 thousand to $ 2.4 thousand, in areas close to him - to $ 1,2 thousand by the end of the year the cost can be reduced by 10%.
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