Luxury mansions on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya demolished due to Moscow's budget

19.11.2010 09:20
Articles about real estate | Luxury mansions on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya demolished due to Moscow Luxury mansions on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya can be torn down like a village Rechnik. The owners of the cottage settlement "Virage" claim that to them "come to some people with the drawings and plans for demolition of buildings."

In the mayor's office reported that the demolished houses will be located next to the "Virage" - in the former settlement "Veteran". And he Virage, "the source said GZT.RU in city administration will likely not be touched, because" for him to ask the presidential level. "

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Living in a cottage settlement "Virage, located on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya, said Nov. 18 that their home is actually being prepared for demolition. As told to "Interfax" one of the owner of Love-Ivanova, houses, located at Karamyshevskaya embankment, possession, 13 were found to command the former mayor (Yuriy Luzhkov) unauthorized buildings. Also, officials were to decide on their demolition.

Woman reported that a settlement "already there is a movement." There, she says, "come to some people who do not present any documents with drawings and plans for demolition of buildings"

"In this case, refer to the guidance of the Prefecture of the North-Western Administrative District," - said Ivanov.

She said that houses in the village of the 1970's built and mostly belong to members of the Moscow Powerboat Club. The inhabitants, according to Ivanova, has all necessary documents, certificates of ownership. She also added that the plot of land in question is owned by the Russian Federation. Moscow does not formally have to do with it.

"However, members of city government that did not stop, without taking into account the rights of owners without a proper examination of the demolition decision was taken under pressure from the administration of former mayor, Yuri Luzhkov," - said Ivanov.

Now the owners of homes on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya wrote a letter to the president and the new mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin requested to investigate the situation and avoid infringing on the rights of owners. "

GZT.RU previously reported that the city authorities plan to clean up the embankment Karamyshevskaya of illegal buildings. Then officials announced that demolition be all constructed objects here. This 17 detached cottage settlement company Virage and two berths.

"All the buildings on Karamyshevskaya embankment in question, deemed illegal and subject to demolition - GZT.RU confirmed in the prefecture of the Northwest District in June 2010.

But the moment the court decision came into force only in respect of moorings. The fate of 17 cottages remained unknown. In the prefecture reported that it was "a fairly large cottages for housing"

"Build it had no rights. This is especially protected natural territories ", - said the source GZT.RU.

O settlement "Virage, as well as other owners of buildings on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya virtually nothing is known. Learn some details about them GZT.RU failed either in the prefecture, or in any other open sources.

According to the newspaper Kommersant, in 2008 the Prefecture of the North-Western District (CJSC) and the district board Khoroshevo-Mnevniki sued some company JSC "Lada" - the owner of the buildings at Karamyshevskaya embankment, house 13, building 12 and 18. Representative of the company argued in court that he owns the remnants of water sports station 1975-1976 period. And all the buildings are frame-panel unheated houses. In September 2008 the tribunal decided to demolish buildings as illegal.

The fate of the buildings on the waterfront Karamyshevskaya representative told the mayor GZT.RU on condition of anonymity.

"The situation there is such and such, there are two, relatively speaking, of the site. On the one hand Virage, and on the other former settlement "Veteran" (the original version of the village no longer exists), - has explained the source .- From the former "veterans" are large four-story mansions, such rich and beautiful, but unfinished. At one time they were not completed. It was originally planned to demolish five buildings. Two of them are in the Virage. The owners of the village say that they have there a sports club. They complained that if the president, about whether the prime minister. Therefore, Virage will not touch. And touched by those buildings that in the "Veteran", unfinished. They are, indeed, magnificent. "

Interlocutor GZT.RU also said that "luxury homes" in the "veterans" of illegally built commercial organizations. When the government noticed this construction, they immediately stopped it.
"There are three buildings, they are going to endure, - explained to the mayor's office .- The two belong to the Company" Lada ". And the third one more organization. "

About the fact that homes are not on Moscow but on federal land, the representative of the City Hall said that "it does not matter."

"They generally could not be built - he explained .- They can not be built without the permission of the prefecture. A prefecture did not give such permission. "

On the question of why illegal structures not demolished at once (the conflict lasted from 2008), the representative told the mayor that the owners "were served in different instances, oprotestovyvaya all decisions of the authorities.

"Now, thank God for all the buildings all brought to the highest court - said the source GZT.RU. - They are, in an amicable way, had to carry all. But the bear is likely to be only the former "Veteran". Week and a half ago, had to pass a competition for these buildings. If passed, it already has a contractor that it will all be demolished "

On the question GZT.RU, there is confidence that the illegal houses to be demolished, a source in the mayor's office replied in the affirmative: "I think these buildings are indeed demolished. Go back down in this business is not good. Rechnik demolished. In the mansions of those no one lives. Through the court it could not achieve anything. And Virage, too, would be demolished, but they have support at the highest level. They argue that this sports club, but really no what it is not sports club. It is clear that far from the center of Moscow, near the river pretty kottedzhiki ... They cover. And they bear, apparently, will not. And here, "Veteran", they have no support. "

In the mayor's office also said that owners of illegal houses proposed to demolish them at their own expense, but they do not have. Therefore, they will demolish Prefecture of budget money, which then in court will be recovered from owners of the objects.
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