Luxury apartments or houses outside the city - that is chosen by politicians?

02.01.2011 17:20
Many politicians live outside the city, in respectable mansions. We are talking about Viktor Yushchenko, Yulia Tymoshenko, Viktor Yanukovych, Vladimir Litvin, Sergei Tigipko, Yatsenyuk.

Viktor Yushchenko

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Yushchenko is registered in a large apartment-penthouse on the street. Minor Zhitomir, a 20-in, whose windows are visible Sophia Cathedral and St. Michael's Monastery. But he also does not live there long ago. He lives in his residence in Koncha Zaspa. He also has a large manor Bezradichi near Kiev. And now live in the apartment of his son Andrew and his wife Lisa Efrosinina.

Andrew's ex-girlfriend Anna Pavlovich told in an interview today that the situation in the apartment and its design is decorated in Ukrainian national style that did not like Anna, who prefers a modern style.

Viktor Yanukovych

The President is registered in the penthouse luxury homes Obolonska waterfront in the capital area of 239 square meters. True, the neighbors said that neither he nor his relatives have not seen here. But the repairs in the apartment is already underway.

True, living Yanukovych, as is known, in the former gosrezidentsii "Mezhyhiria" near Kiev. Occasionally he visits his wife - Lyudmila Yanukovych, who spends most of his time in Donetsk.

Tymoshenko has accused him that he led through dummy structures of this residence from the state and now it has launched an ambitious construction project (gosdacha, which is shown in the photo, allegedly already demolished, and in its place erected a palace).
In this house in Mezhyhiria in 2007, Yanukovych led journalists

Yanukovych himself said that the companies that now own "Mezhyhiria, he has nothing to do, and they have just bought a summer cottage, which once received from the state.

Yulia Tymoshenko

Lady-politician "with Ukraine in the heart" and with influential friends in the Russian show business is still spelled out in an apartment in Dnepropetrovsk on the prospect of Karl Marx, 26 (a central city street). This High-quality two-bedroom stalinka area about 50 square meters. The house, incidentally, a prominent - it even often depicted on postcards. Rumor has it that this apartment was a gift in-law of Yulia Timoshenko (in Soviet times - the big boss).

Yulia Vladimirovna here have not seen for several years. Cost per square meter here - $ 1400. That is flat costs about 70,000 dollars.

It is known that Tymoshenko is now living in a house near Concha Zaspa in the elite village of Silver inflow. According to her aunt Antonina Ulyahinoy at the house to throw off her entire family and relatives. Revenues from the family, according to Ulyahinoy, to the extent there.

Petr Simonenko

Despite his dislike for bourgeoisie and other neproletariyam, the communist leader is registered in the fact that neither is a bourgeois house on the street, Moscow, 46 / 2. His put into operation just two years ago.
Communist number 1 is registered in one of the most expensive homes Pechersk

Neighbors on the floor Simonenko never seen. "Yes we are aware of what he was like a living, but found only some young girl and young man. I thought it was Oksana Vashchenko, but then it turned out that it was not she "- said the communist neighbor named Tatiana. It is interesting that those who live in an apartment Simonenko, live in two apartments. Apartments are separated from the rest of floor security door, but at the door only one call. Likely Grandfather lives with his newly-made wife - a journalist Oksana Vashchenko.

Volodymyr Lytvyn

Speaker of the Parliament is in the top two floors of apartments in the street Institutska, 13 / 4. However, none of the surveyed residents of his home there a long time not seen. Interestingly, the intercom in front of the entrance has long broken. If you want to call him into the apartment, it would be impossible, since the button is knocked out.
There does not live Litvin. His apartment occupies the top two floors

But in fact, Litvin live in the country, namely in the complex state residences "Concha Zaspa. There, on the site demolished Soviet era buildings were constructed two buildings. Incidentally, the family of Lytvyn, according to the Declaration of 2008, there are two houses. Their combined area of 600 square meters. m. Maybe we have in mind, these homes?

Sergei Tigipko

Sergei Leonidovich registered address: ul Bankova 3. That is right next door at the Presidential Secretariat. In this apartment, he no longer lives. He lived there are believed to neighbors, in 1998, but was evicted after the Orange Revolution, when divorced from his former wife Natalie, who continues to live in this apartment.

The building, which is an apartment Tigipko - a massive six-storey Stalin's house. Family Sergei Leonidovich occupies the entire top floor. Getting there is impossible. If you are walking, then you meet at the entrance security door. On the elevator, which, after the settlement Tigipko specially equipped, and can not be reached. You will reach a maximum of 5-th floor. The hosts enjoyed a special key that is inserted into a special castle located button instead of "6", turning that can come straight into the apartment.


Not far from the elite at home, where registered Petro Symonenko, and almost opposite the General Prosecutor's Office in the panel and unpresentable house on the street Reznitsky, 8, registered Yatsenyuk. There's a three-room apartment he lived until recently. "They entered the house sometime in 2004 when he worked Arseniy Deputy National Bank. But now they have somewhere to live elsewhere. And the apartment had settled some other people "- told a neighbor Yatsenyuk on a floor.
Yatsenyuk lived here the whole five-year plan

"Another Place" - a two-storey house in the village Petrivtsi near Kiev, where his new neighbor was Viktor Yanukovych. In Arseniy there two storey brick house under a brown metallocherepichnoy roof. Behind the house is a large outdoor swimming pool. House Arseniy distinguished by the fact that in the yard on a flagpole hanging the national flag.

Oleg Tyagnibok

The leader of the "Freedom" is registered on the very outskirts of Kiev - Kharkov to the array in the usual sixteen-panel house on the street Vishnyakovskoy 6a. The house was built in 1995 and an apartment in one of the entrances to obtain a free people's deputies of the 2 nd and third convocations. Among them was Oleg Tyagnibok. To enter the house he could not before 1998, when he first became a parliamentarian. But as it turned out, had long Tyagnibok does not live here.

In fact, the family - he, his wife and three children - live in Lviv. He has a four-room apartment in the 135 "squares", which belonged to another of his grandmother. She is in a good area - near Stryiskyi park.

Inna Theological

Mrs. Theological staying in a hotel "Kiev", as it should nonresident Verkhovna Rada, has Ina Theological. She Kharkov. Inna Germanovna Parliament pays two-room apartment with total area of 24 sq. m. At the site of the hotel double rooms cost from 1100 to 1300 UAH. per day.

"But I live in a rented my house in the village Rudick for Concha Zaspa, not far from the Obukhov. Year built homes - 1995. But I have spelled out in his mother's apartment in Kharkov, as his Kiev apartment owned by my family and I had to sell to pay off the debts left by the election campaign "Veche".


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