Low-rise suburbs - the probable future of Moscow

09.06.2011 07:50
Articles about real estate | Low-rise suburbs - the probable future of Moscow Mass housing construction due to high cost of capital land, and in recent years and action Mayor Sergei Sobyanin moved from the city outside Moscow. There, in addition to high-rise housing estates sad began to appear low-rise projects.

Many people - terribly cheap and horrible, some - quite nice. Developers are confident that the low-rise housing for the future. It remains to convince buyers that it is better than high-rise panel areas within the boundaries of the ring road.

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By early spring, demand for apartment buildings in suburban housing estates rose by 4% (data corporation "Incom"). Previously, their share does not exceed 5-7% of total demand. The demand for such apartments is about 10% of the total market demand for country homes outside Moscow, said Dmitry Taganov, Head of Research Center Corporation Incom. By early spring, the average price of apartments in the suburban multi-family homes totaled 10.6 million rubles. Earlier this year, prices rose by 14% compared to December 2010 has increased and demand: from 4% in August last year, up 9% in I quarter 2011

Stands in a field Teremok

Low-rise apartment buildings were built before the crisis, but a few. This format has been actively developed recently. "Developers who have plots in the open field, they wanted to get something, but do not bother approval. A house has four storeys in height, inclusive do not need to pass state commission - says Maria Litinetskaya, CEO Miel new buildings." - Yes, and strange in the field of building skyscrapers. "

These projects do not appear in the city where the price of land and the network above, and in the suburbs. The developer of such projects often land ownership, there is no need to pay for her rent, not share the city. But low-rise projects can not provide the same yield as high-rise, adds Andrew Tufts, CEO of Urban Group, if not reduce the quality of construction and the overall project. As a result, many low-quality proposals.

Yield tall panel projects for the developer is about 30%, according to market participants. "The current profitability of our projects (village townhouses" Ivakin-Pokrovskoye and LCD "Novoshodnensky) - 20% - indicates Tufts. - Before the crisis, townhouses" Ivakin-Intercession "(278 townhouses, 11 km from Moscow to Leningrad Highway), we sold as a quality midrange, now the project was in business class. Price in U.S. dollars before the crisis and then not much has changed - about $ 2000 for 1 square. m.

Although the average cost of a meter for the suburbs, but because the area of ??townhouses - from 170 square meters. m, the transaction is beyond the parameters of the economy class. "Well, what can we sell this house as a business-class - glad Tufts. - We are not compromised in nothing - neither in quality nor in the amount of infrastructure. Now we are completing the sale, there are only 7% of the townhouses.

"We are regularly invited to consider the draft low-rise buildings. Some of them are as good and high quality residential developments and projects of extremely low quality, constructed from sandwich-technology and more like the barracks," - said Nataliya Kravets, Head of Development Department, new construction company "Inkom Real Estate. The cost of such proposals is low, there are proposals for 800 and 000 rubles. for an apartment.

In the low-cost low-rise complexes are often sold no apartments and share in the house. "It turns out some sort a large communal," - said Nataliya Kravets. Real Estate Developer "calming" of buyers: "You will be able to at a general meeting to establish what proportion of a flat match". But first you need to collect a general meeting, general agreement, etc.

Low-quality projects often do not realize the company and individuals who have bought once a site in the field. "They have a banal may not be enough money for the end of construction, to summarize communications. It happens that the house pass the State Commission without a connected communications" - lists the possible risks Nataliya Kravets.

Expensive and sweet

Cost-effectiveness of low-rise apartment buildings better than the cottages, which are secondary and more expensive product, about 30-40%, said Anton Winer, the developer of the project "The Olympic Village Novogorsk. In this project, originally intended only to private homes. "But later, about 1,5 years ago, we changed the concept and incorporated in the draft two low-rise building (five or six floors), the total living area of ??7000 square meters. M, - he said. - And do not regret it. One house, which we already built, sold at 100%. The second (now at the design stage), sold at 70%. Price cottage - about $ 1 million, the apartments - from $ 250 000.

The project Suburbia West Valley (20 km on the Kiev highway) developer "Summer Project" will also appear sredneetazhnye home. In addition to 462 houses and 268 townhouses in the development of future lines will be low-rise building - houses till 4-5 floors. "We believe that such prospective home format. Do not start earlier because we needed to change the permitted type of use of land," - says general manager of Country Project Andrei Vasilyev.

The format of low-rise suburban perspective and will be in demand, if we make the conceptual design, to create a boutique feel at home outside the city. " "If you build barracks, and the ratio of people to these houses will be like the barracks. It is important to prove to buyers that the low-rise house is better tall sockets," - says Viner.

This and started real estate developer - the company RGI International (Projects Khilkov "," Ostozhenka, Chelsea, etc.). "Building a cheap prefabricated homes do not have much brains, but we're not interested," - said General Director of RGI International, Boris Kuzinets.

The company builds mikrogorod "In the forest" in the Krasnogorsk district on Pyatnitskaya highway. Project Architect - Sergey Choban, Sergei Kuznetsov, Alexey Ilyin (architectural bureau "Speech Choban / Kuznetsov).

Elite past makes itself felt, and the project is positioned as a midrange of premium quality. The developer expects to families with incomes between 150 and 000 rubles. per month. The cost of a 3-room apartment in the 74.3 square meters. m finish - from 7.5 million rubles. The price includes parking lot immediately.

Ongoing assessment of a proposed $ 398 million for the preliminary assessment of DTZ, the cost of the project after completion will be $ 2 billion now the developer is investing its own funds and negotiates with the Savings Bank for a loan of 5 billion rubles. "It is hard for such a small budget to do something original" - complained to Boris Kuzinets. The project was altered, the work on it took more time than on any project of the elite (who are engaged in since 2007).

Total building area - 1.3 million square meters. m. mikrogorode will be three kindergartens for 220 children each, two schools with 1100 seats each. The first phase delivered in 2013 the entire project will take 5-7 years.

Another way

Format rise housing will be developed in two possible scenarios, predicts Tufts. Or the market will grow and the developer will be able to sell more expensive projects. Or developers will be able to provide the desired price of an object by reducing the cost. "We go the second way - he says. - The company has its production, which plays a role similar to that of DSC in the panel construction. So now to the construction cost, we can compete with the panel, the total (including land, communications and so on. ) while the cost increase. "

Average price of newly suburbs currently vary between 44 000-73 000 rub. per 1 sq. km. m depending on the distance from Moscow, according to GC LSR. From 10 to 40 km from Moscow price of approximately 55 000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, 40-70 km from the ring - 44 000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m

Flats, for example, in low-rise "New Nakhabino" GK LSR ??sells at a price of 58,000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m. Results from a group of three large low-rise project economy class in the near suburbs, which she started last year. Balashikha (low "Euro" in the LCD "Sacramento" by GC "Morton") and Nakhabino already open sale in the Leninsky district near the Moscow Ring Road construction will begin this year. Land area - 60 ha. Total sellable area district will be more than 200,000 square meters. m of apartments and 100,000 square meters. m non-residential facilities. Investment in construction - 13,6 billion rubles. Estate is bordered by a monument of landscape architecture "Manor Znamenskoye SADC", close to the Bitsevsky pond, 2 km away - the underground. "Despite the non-standard size, low-rise housing estates is really in demand," - glad to Managing Director of LSR Group in Moscow, Ivan Romanov.

Buyers of flats - is an audience segment of the mass market: young families, residents of nearby cities in the Moscow, Muscovites who buy "an apartment on the weekends or for their elderly parents. Another prospective clients of low-rise housing can become a state, says Romanov.

The draft satellite city "New Stupino (more than 90 km from Moscow) of MR Group apartments and cottages are the same - to 31 000-38 000 rub. per 1 sq. km. m. "The interest in apartments is much higher," - says Maria Litinetskaya. The area of ??apartments in a new city - from 31 square meters. m, cottages - from 90 square meters. m

Reach home

Location - the weak point of all low-rise projects. The main consumers of housing near Moscow using public transport. Usually this is long and difficult. But here at mikrogoroda RGI in the future will be art. m. "Pyatnitskaya. LSR project in the Leninsky district is 2 kilometers from the metro. To "West Valley" bus goes from warm mill, near train station Krekshino.

"Housing estates at a distance of 40-50 minutes to the nearest metro station (we measure distance in kilometers, not, as in minutes) will be needed in the first place" - believes Tufts. Residents of cities in which to build huge residential areas, as in Balashikha spend at peak hours are the same 40 minutes, although located in 3-8 km from Moscow. And from the other cities that are located within 25 miles, but not so densely built-up requires no more time to get to the subway.

"Practice shows that objects that are closer to Moscow, but near busy roads and no access to the railway suburban less liquid than projects with a better transport availability and location, for example, a 20-kilometer zone," - says Romanov.

For the construction of low-rise complexes suitable 15-kilometer zone from the ring road - there is no such high-density development, both in the capital and on its outskirts, a favorable environment and cheaper land, he enumerates.
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