Low-rise settlements - the new format offers

21.02.2011 09:00
Articles about real estate | Low-rise settlements - the new format offers The market of new suburbs formed a new format offers. This low-rise apartments in the suburban housing estates. As such, it is known - even before the crisis in the sale was attended by multi-format villages, combining low home-urban and townhouses, and more often and cottages. However, only in the past year and a half is private housing complexes in the country has emerged as a full segment of the primary market.

Birth of a segment

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If before the main proposal presented town complexes were exactly townhouses, and apartments were considered to be an additional purchase option, for example for the younger generation, but now everything has changed. Townhouses as a proposal for today's middle-class put on the backburner, it's expensive real estate for the most affluent investors who are sufficiently small. There were also low-rise projects of country towns, in which only private housing. Themselves as low-rise projects of town complexes have recently multiplied in the market is so active that may soon become a prominent part of the proposal.

This property is in terms of positioning is quite comparable to the so-called comfort-class that is atypical houses with good planning and the future quality of life, where you can buy an apartment is not much more expensive than a standard panel box. By the way, competitors have apartments in low-rise buildings are the same as a monolithic new construction of a new generation - a serial house on the outskirts of the capital.

Curiously, low-rise proposal at a price higher than the adjacent neighborhoods. If the panel house near Moscow odnushki price now starts in fact from 2-2,2 million rubles, or in low-rise complexes - all the same from 3,5 (sometimes there are more inexpensive options, but not close to completion). However, despite such a comparison figures, low-rise complexes are attracting great interest the buyer - at the facilities managers say that over the weekend for checks dozens of people come, both singly and in pairs.

Portrait of low-rise village

One option for low-rise suburban settlements that are of interest and are the best suggestion is for "buyer today is" Saltykov-Prestige. It is your own development project of "Condrey, implemented in the eastern part of Moscow region.

This project has entered the market, even when similar proposals have not become widespread here and now ends the first phase of homes (for rent in December 2010). At the same time, it is virtually the same price from the competition with a later onset of construction. In addition, the proposal at today can be described as the most mortgage-oriented among the low-rise residential new construction than the village and is obliged to attention of the public is not the richest part of the middle class.

"Saltykovka Prestige" quite successfully brings together the features that have made a new segment and new construction of cheaper rival neighbors. The village is located is actually close to Moscow, from him fast enough you can get public transport to the station (two stops by train from the platform Saltykovskaya to a 5-7 minutes walk) - incidentally, for a new type maloetazhki is important, not all future residents are permanent motorists. There are, however, and a perfectly acceptable way road, it besprobochnaya minor road, turn on which is located almost directly outside Moscow. At the same time, the very site of construction of the proximity of civilization, especially not like: land borders with Kuchinsky wooded park, and the locality Saotykovka presented villa-cottage property.

The first series of the village "Saltykovka Prestige" - a height of 14 homes on 4 floors (interestingly, with an elevator), calculated for every 30 apartments. Area in contrast to the pre-crisis proposals mnogiz apartment maloetazhki exaggerated do not look at all. Thus, the size of one-bedroom apartments ranging vokurg mark of 40 meters, as in conventional new buildings of an economy class, two-bedroom - in an area 65-67 meters. Sold it all from 214 law, which is an essential factor of peace buyer for its money. In other words, a modern suburban low-rise complex - it is quite usual city apartment, not big, but not a cell of 20 meters, only a low house, built in good forest environment. Addition is the infrastructure of neighborhoods and their own - contain shops and services here will be simply good.

Jig for the buyer

Cheap apartments in standing settlement will not name. The cost of a one-room here starts at 3.7 million rubles, the average kopeck piece - ranging from 5 to 6 million (within the second floor, two upper floors are already more expensive). However, the situation - besides the portrait characteristics of real estate - when the offer attracts enough cynical modern buyer. The fact that travel to the future home can be with only 20% of the cost of future housing. It is noteworthy that many of the future residents of the village, certainly more than half make it, involving the acquisition of mortgage money. And among these investors, many are so strongly that they go to great future payments, because they have money only in the amount of down payment (unless it still has a reserve for repairs).

Similar in price level offers in the market is there. Only many of the competitive counterparts are still in the stage of excavation or the beginning of assembly buildings, such as very attractive in many ways, "Right Coast" in Khimki, or much more distant from the capital, "Green Grove" in Ivanteevka where ready townhouses and apartment buildings have not yet managed to rise above ground level.

In the case of "Saltykovka Prestige" a man who came to see the new building in place, ready to see homes that will actually put in a few months. The workers are present here and are working quite actively, but not including a tidy in the village, the bulk of what's left to do - finish the staircase hall (elevators in the mines already are). And this is a very important factor in real estate development techniques - people react to the housing at a rate settlement and the need to start paying a price comparable to a fairly inexpensive foreign cars.
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