Low-rise projects on investment attraction outperform high-rise new construction

30.11.2010 00:10
Low-rise projects on investment attraction outperform high-rise new construction The real estate market recovered safely after a crisis, however much it has changed. First of all, it is the priorities of buyers who are far more legible than before. That's why the investment landscape of the market of new buildings now looks different than a year with a little back. Many market segments are in a state with respect to sustainable stability. However, against this background, new genres and formats popular housing, which were most attractive to private investors.

Over the last year, which can be considered a temporary post-crisis recovery of real estate market, we can note a few short periods marked by higher prices for new buildings of Moscow and Moscow region. The most notable revival in the spring of 2010, when many thought that the demand for new buildings being revived and we can talk about the prospects of a return to pricing dynamics of pre-crisis years.

However, subsequent attempts to developers and vendors to create the effect of rising prices were not successful. Since the summer, the market has stabilized, changes in the cost of a meter, which recorded the various companies analysts, do not exceed 1% per month, and local growth in one segment offset by inverse changes in the other. That lack of marked price dynamics stimulated the growth of business activity in the secondary market apartments in Moscow and cities in the region.

Against this background, in Moscow and the Moscow region there are, perhaps, one segment of the market, which really shows a good price changes and is attractive to private investors. This new facility for the new buildings in the capital region categories - low-rise apartment complexes, which are now becoming one of the most popular formats suburban construction sites, and its niche in the market, he began to win it in the post-crisis time. Although similar projects had been known earlier, at a considerable share in the sentence, they are not represented.

Now the same from month to month there are more and more small houses built in an affluent natural environment and at the same time close to the existing social infrastructure, and usually with the possibility of convenient transport links with the city. To date, almost any destination in the Moscow suburbs (approximately within half an hour from the nearest metropolitan subway) there are new designs of low-rise estates and complexes and projects are already known in the market will start construction of new releases. Among the best known can be called such as "right coast" (suburb of Khimki), Chaliapin's Estate "(similar), the Sacramento Kings (11 km Schelkovskogo highway), and of course" Saltykovka Prestige "(MCR Mr. Saltykovka, Balashikha) .

According to Vadim Gorzhankina, CEO of communications agency "red words:" In low-rise apartment housing, there is one interesting marketing feature. It is popular, although the vast majority does not apply to most economic proposals today's market buildings. If a studio apartment in a typical home region (eg, a skull, which Schitnikovo, Pyhtino, Rekintso-2) may, at a minimum cost 2-2,2 million rubles, or odnushka in low-rise complexes - most of the 3.5 million, at best, initial stage of construction can be said about the sum of 2.5 million rubles "

Why "maloetazhka so interesting to private investors?

Why are low-rise suburban projects today enjoy the highest interest among consumers? The answer is simple. In fact people are interested in buying real estate near the town and a good natural environment, but in a format familiar urban apartment temperate areas. Attention shoppers really great - the popular low-rise facilities on weekends come dozens of visitors, potential buyers and future residents of the town complexes. The rapid development of the new format of real estate has led to quite interesting results. According to the dynamics of price changes and the flexibility of this segment of the new buildings has overtaken almost every other, and themselves investing in low-rise housing became the most relevant tool for placement of private investors in the housing market.

The fact that the pace of construction of low-rise buildings are much higher than in the case of high-rise and urban buildings. At the same time, the difference in price between a house under excavation and is close to readiness - a very tangible. Thus, in the village Saltykovka Prestige "company" Condry "is currently for sale are offered simultaneously and apartments in almost finished homes and those that are at the stage of excavation (the third stage of construction). In the first case the price of 75 thousand rubles a meter in the second - 63 thousand and it is clear that for 8-9 months, which occupy the building, and the lower threshold price will rise to the level now being prepared for delivery homes. Assessment Oleg Kushmenyuka, CEO of investment real estate agency Condry, "actually buying an apartment in the third turn on the stage of excavation enables private investors to obtain yields of up to 40% per annum, and it is not only an increase in prices as we approach the completion of the works. Its contribution to profitability will inflation, and besides, after passing houses in the operation and registration of property prices, as it usually happens in the market will grow further by about 10%. "

Currently the price range of new low-rise towns tend to the new expansion, some increase in the difference between initial and final stages of construction, which only gives additional benefits when choosing investment options. In this new low-rise complex features as proper infrastructure (sometimes, a set of options, including kindergartens, trade, sports, restaurant, etc., there are also full-fledged underground parking, such as in the aforementioned village "Saltykovka Prestige"), which in combination with the natural environment and transportation accessibility make the new home is certainly of liquid goods on the market.

Yet the number of low-rise residential complexes and townships is measured in tens, while for the pre-crisis years, yet the number of high-rise projects in the hundreds of new buildings on the market addresses. However, as the market expands low-rise new construction, this fastest growing segment clearly indicates its leadership position and has a resource of long-term growth.
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