Low-rise idea Putin broke: cottages to rise sharply

27.09.2010 09:49
Articles about real estate | Low-rise idea Putin broke: cottages to rise sharply The idea of Vladimir Putin's low-rise Russia, as Russians and dreams of his cottage, broken in the dust. Closely related to the adoption of a federal bill prohibiting the construction of a large part of detached houses. Small developers document threatens to ruin.

In the near future in the State Duma will consider the bill "the use of garden, vegetable and suburban land."

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Experts believe that it will be approved in three readings, and will come into force from the beginning of 2011.

Under the new law to build housing on agricultural land, and they recognized horticultural areas, will be prohibited. They will be engaged only in agriculture and build "farm buildings and structures not intended for the residence of citizens."

As a result, owners of large tracts of land would be in a difficult situation. Only in the Leningrad region of 6% of land is privately owned, 90% of them - this is agricultural land. According to the Petersburg real estate, today in the Leningrad region there are about 130 cottage villages, most of whom - with the permitted use under the country construction (chalet-for-profit partnership - DNP). 64% of settlements built on agricultural lands.

"All our facilities are located on agricultural lands", - stressed the head of group of companies "Stinco Sergei Fedenko. He believes that with the adoption of the law, most merchants will be forced to cease business associated with this category of land. According to the law on dacha can be accommodated dwelling house, but only if the site is within the boundaries of the settlement. Developers need to urgently transfer land from one category to another, leading to its more expensive and may take more than 2 years.

"Only 8% of private land belong to the human settlements - the director of development Eurosib-Development Marina Ageyeva. - Many owners can now stay with illiquid assets on hand, because they believed not to sow in their land, and profitable to resell it to developers for cottage development. An additional complexity, it sees that in Leningrad, not all settlements have general plans, or simply their boundaries are not defined.

"The cost of land will increase by 3-4 times, - said the deputy head of the consulting center of the Petersburg real estate" Olga Troshev. - It is no secret that the process of transferring land associated with corruption. "

"The bill is very negative impact on the town market, - said General Director of" Poole Express Andrei Bochkov. - These lands are not wanted. And it is unclear how to get rid of them. "

Act right - said the president of holding "Parable Group, Andrey Rusakov:" I hope that the housing that was built or already under construction before the adoption of the law, will be completed and put into operation. "

By the way: A year ago, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that the fund to promote housing construction has information on the 1000 land area of 1,000,000 hectares, which could be allocated for housing economy class.

Then Vladimir Putin said that these lands should have a "really affordable and quality housing at the same time - small houses built in a modern style ... It is not about mansions, an area of several hundred square meters, and sought after low-rise housing on the economy-class" .
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