Low-rise construction in Russia - a tribute to the world trend comfortable stay

30.08.2010 11:14
Articles about real estate | Low-rise construction in Russia - a tribute to the world trend comfortable stay In 2007, the State Duma adopted the bill "On amendments to some legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the development of low-rise residential development areas." Thus been simplified or eliminated altogether some bureaucratic barriers to the implementation of low-rise building. This bill seeks to implement measures to develop the mass of low-rise housing and should encourage widespread implementation of national project "Affordable housing". Low-rise construction - is the construction of residential units small number of stories, usually up to three storeys. According to numerous polls, most Russians would want to live "closer to the ground" - in townhouses, cottages, or in areas of low-rise buildings. The mentality of Russian citizens are gradually approaching the European standards of comfort understanding of life. In many countries, the majority of people live in low-rise buildings. Monolithic high-rises there only serve as an administrative and commercial office centers. Building panels and monolithic mnogoetazhkami large cities of Russia for a long time was incompatible with global trends comfortable stay. The program of low-rise construction, according to the government, should become a worthy alternative to the erection of dwelling house and monolithic skyscrapers. Advantages of living in low-rise buildings. Massive low-rise construction is very promising and has a great opportunity to implement the plans of the state to ensure the Russians comfortable and affordable housing. In low-rise buildings obvious advantages over the construction of tall objects: The construction of buildings with a small number of floors do not require the huge costs of building a strong foundation and preparatory excavation work, which, in theory, should reduce the cost per square meter. Low-rise construction allows to build housing in a short time. Low-rise buildings - a more favorable ecological conditions, as construction of low-rise residential areas is expected in the suburbs of big cities or small distance from them, so to speak closer to nature. In areas of low-rise residential apartment buildings are built in accordance with a unified architectural concept, implying the existence of infrastructure. An important factor in the benefits of living in low-rise settlements is a socio-psychological comfort, as in such places there is an atmosphere of peace, calm and measured, so that is not typical for residential areas-quarters of big cities. Present state of affairs in the development of low-rise building. I must say that since the start of the program "Low-Rise Building" in the national project "Affordable housing" was not much time, but some positive moves in this direction are already discernible. So recently a ceremony of laying the foundation stone of a satellite town of the New Stupino in the Moscow region. As the Minister of Regional Development Viktor Basargin, who was present at the ceremony, Regional Development intends to continue working towards the creation of low-rise towns economy-class in every subject of the Russian Federation. According to him, now these pilot housing complexes are in the Belgorod region and the Republic of Tatarstan. And Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov, in turn, noted that in 2010 the share of low-rise construction in the total primary residence near Moscow to increase compared with last year and will be 48%. Also the theme of low-rise building was addressed at a working meeting with Governor Victor Basargin Vologda region Vyacheslav Pozgalyov. According Pozgalev, in a region plagued ensure sustainable development of single-industry towns. And to this end, the regional administration has already developed a comprehensive plan for the construction of Falcon. Pozgalyov said that for the development of the market economy-class housing in the area is planned to organize industrial production of low-rise buildings. Not far behind the government announced a vector of the construction industry and banking. Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (HMLA) has developed a new mortgage product, "Low-rise housing." Under the "low-rise buildings, working on standards HMLA banks and regional agencies will issue loans for the purchase or construction of dwelling houses in the territories of the complex of low buildings. What other steps are necessary for the development of low-rise building. The successful development of low-rise building must be accessible for people with middle-income countries. To do this, the widespread introduction of advanced, cost-effective construction technologies. For a comfortable stay in areas of low building requires verified and convenient concept of development. It is also necessary to provide vehicle access areas of low-rise buildings and minimize the cost of summing up the communication. Demand for low-rise construction is growing every year and providing affordable and comfortable housing for Russian citizens - a point of honor of the Russian government. 

Classification of low-rise residential complexes and private dwellings

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With regard to the suburban real estate objects are no general classification. Due to the lack of common terms and standards of suburban housing market participants use a variety of terms: low-rise housing complex, individual residential building, and so on..

Low-rise residential complex - a residential area with a number of buildings more than five, built as part of the overall master plan, having the general social and engineering infrastructure, unified management and maintenance service. This so-called conceptual cottage settlements.

Main criteria for the classification of conceptual low-rise complexes - town-planning; area and quality of housing; the size and infrastructure.

Criterion for urban low-rise complexes are divided into three types: neighborhoods of detached houses, blocks of townhouses and quarters, consisting of low-rise apartment buildings. In practice, the blocks that can be attributed wholly to any one type of rare.

The area and quality of housing. homes in low-rise residential complexes are of varying quality: some are solid structures that stand for more than one century, and the other - the frame filled with insulation and sheathed with siding. Also different is the area of ​​apartments and houses: the house has a living area of ​​150 and 400 m2. It is possible to build a low-rise building with a studio apartment, and it is possible - the apartment at 200 ... 300 m2.

The dimensions of the complex. In some complexes, homes are concentrated in a small area, in others there is a huge area, much of which is not occupied by buildings. The most in demand of land of 20 ... 40 acres, that allows you to stay within a reasonable distance from the neighbors.

Driven by infrastructure criteria, can be divided into three types of low-rise buildings:

- Low-rise complexes in which the infrastructure is virtually non-existent, and the free area of ​​the territory is minimal;

- Low-rise complexes with a minimum set of infrastructure elements (such is now the majority). As a rule, it is a few houses with a common security and operation of the service. Often, in the territory of such complexes is a convenience store;

- Low-rise complexes, infrastructure rich, where there are children, social, cultural institutions, have their own household, engineering and entertainment structures. The territory is protected.

Stand out small low-rise complex of club type houses, which rarely appear in the open sale.

Stopping the choice on low-rise complexes, man seeks not only to buy a spacious and high-quality housing, but also to a certain lifestyle.
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