Low-cost home - evidence for a unit

02.01.2020 00:30
Low price for homes in the cottage can be problematic to talk about the object, said Alexander Popov, director of the project group "Archimatika." "To buy a house in which there is no basic benefits, the developer should check the existence of valid technical specifications. If they are in the process of production, then must enter into a contract to summarize communications. The contract required the presence of an inventory of all types of communications that will be summarized and possible connection to each communication network and responsible for their violation. Should also be given to the characteristics of connection points: the power of water, electricity, gas, etc. "- said Popov.

As experts of the project team should also consider if the house purchased overdue specifications for summarizing engineering. Achieve communications connectivity to a single house in the town would be difficult, since the technical specifications is issued by the public authority that gives permission to connect the village to the communication line, that is, to the electric, gas, water, sewer in a certain place and determines the power of communication.

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