Looking for new schemes of sales!

19.10.2010 11:18
Articles about real estate | Looking for new schemes of sales! So, the developer Prime Capital Group, which builds in Koncha Zaspa cottage Green Wood Club (smt Kozin, Novoobuhovskaya trail, Kiev reg.) Promises to customers who have paid 100% of the purchase, after 10 years to return 50% of the cost.
"Buying a house in 200 squares, you pay 2 mln. immediately and after 10 years you will return 1 mln. It is only at first glance seems a fantasy. But the money all this time working, the company uses them as "wisely, investing in profitable projects, so that in the process of construction can make to both parties.

Guarantees repayment of funds provided by the bank "Ukrainian Financial World" (Donetsk), which is part of a group of companies "Olympus", - said Alexander Shubin, a top manager of "country property" GC "Olympus" (curated by developer Prime Capital Group). He says that this method of home sales has been applied in Mexico during the crisis and was very successful. Alexander Shubin calls the price per square of 10 thousand UAH. ($ 1250) in Green Wood Club quite a market.

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The principle of stimulating sales rebate, when the buyer returns the value of the goods after some time as a bonus after the presentation of certificates to purchase goods or services used primarily in retail or on the stock markets, and is rarely used in real estate. However, the market of cottage settlements are not experiencing the best vremena.Po According to experts, at least 50%, and by some estimates 80% of all the towns currently frozen because of funding problems. This segment has suffered from the crisis, most of all - the developers postponed the implementation of the suburban real estate in the first place. So to attract the buyer here is very difficult, and many fear that the funds invested in the house also freeze and even if the house is connected, then the infrastructure will be waiting a very long time.

Alexander Romanov, BG Capital analyst said that, in essence, the proposed scheme - one of the options for discounts provided to the buyer paying 100%. "Seller, in order to return to the buyer 1 million USD. after 10 years at a rate of 16% per annum, now we must put a deposit of about 250 thousand UAH. (Present value of money). This represents approximately 12.5% of the selling price of 2 mln. True, the buyer can get it only after 10 years ", - explained the« i »Mr Romanov.

Vladimir Klimenko, Director of Investment Banking Investment Group Socrates argues that if the price of the real estate market, then the maximum risk - do not get back 50% and the profitability of the proposal depends on the quality of the building. "The original meaning - to sell today and earn, and then after 10 years to return something that adjusted for inflation will be at 50% and 10-15%. Ie not give a discount today 10%, and 10 years later - a very wise financial decision for us "- says Mr. Klimenko.

"I think we should be realistic and assess such a purchase at today's prices. Look at the structure of bank deposits. 65% deposit is up to one year - in this country no one is planning to more than three years. In principle, the rebate - this is a pretty effective short-term marketing ploy, but only if you use it infrequently, and the repayment period is less than a year, or to such proposals is difficult to inspire confidence, "- says Yevgeny Grebenyuk, senior analyst at Troika Dialog Ukraine.
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