Look for a vacation home for summer now

09.05.2011 17:25
Articles about real estate | Look for a vacation home for summer now To spend the summer away from the hot city, to seek suburban housing need now.

The most prudent townsfolk begin to search for a house outside the city immediately after the New Year, but most still puts it at closer to summer. And while the arrival of the heat this year is strongly delayed, pull on the rental cottages are not worth it, after the May holidays, the most popular home economy class cost up to $ 800 a month to rise by 10-15%, writes weekly.ua.

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Remembering the pioneer childhood

In contrast to city apartments for rental in the summer of suburban real estate fee is charged once for the entire period, rather than monthly, so you'll have to lay out in one step rather big amount. If the money is sparsely, it is necessary to carefully study the proposals Finnish houses on the former Soviet camps and pioneer camps.

Month stay on the basis of costs from $ 500 per month. True, low-cost housing implies the absence of the usual urban wealth. So during summer vacation will have to forget about the hot water, satellite television and air conditioning. But such databases are usually in a very picturesque place.

However, the base of base hatred. Located near Kiev recreation and tourism base through the efforts of the new owners completely transformed. Tourists are accommodated in comfortable two-story homes or log cabins. Ennobled territory: there are swimming pools, dance halls, tennis courts, restaurants and more. It is clear that summer at a camp site is by no means cheap. Only a night's stay will cost from $ 100.

Lower prices in the province. For example, in the Dnipropetrovsk region home to the hostel with all amenities costs $ 500 a month, and the Soviet-built houses with no amenities - from $ 200 per month. Roughly the same price for the rental of houses on the camp sites and recreation centers in Donetsk region. It should be noted that the price lists of camp sites indicated price per day. Cost-month stay to specify either by phone or in "place." With long-term lease can get up to 20%.

House in the village

Another kind of budget suburban housing - cottages and houses in the villages. In the 40-50 km from Kiev at home in the villages and villas in cooperatives with facilities in the yard offering for the summer from $ 150 per month.

Another thing - modern mansions in good repair and all the necessary communications in the home, also located in recreational areas - near the pond, woods. Rental of such housing would cost two to three times more expensive. For example, a small house with a fresh restoration and a bath house for rent for roughly $ 600 a month. On site there is fruit trees, raspberry bushes, all fruits and berries - at the disposal of tenants. But behind the house, from the site which has access to the river, landlords are asked to have $ 1000 a month.

Not far from Dnepropetrovsk for giving no amenities, but on the banks of the Dnieper per month required to pay from $ 100. House with amenities, but not in the reservoir, it is worth twice the price.

Country dolce vita

Surprisingly, despite the crisis past few years, rental of country cottages and villas are rising. For example, if last year's business-class cabin with everything you need for a comfortable life could be removed for $ 1500 a month, now - more than $ 1700.

In this elite mansions still rent for $ 5000 per month and more. This modern mnogometrazhnye house located on a vast site with all the trappings of luxury living: tennis courts, marinas for yachts, etc. For example, in Koncha Zaspa house of 500 m2 on a huge developed land rent for $ 10 thousand per month. By Zhytomyr highway can find suggestions for more modest prices. And if it is good bargain, and rent housing for more than two months, you can get a significant discount.

When renting an expensive summer housing security deposit and prepayment amount stipulated in each individual case, but the advance payment, usually equal to the amount of rent for two months - the first and last (such as renting an apartment).


Irina Golovneva - director of real estate companies

We expect the highest demand will be houses and villas in the suburbs of the capital, at a distance of 30 km from the city limits and mandatory closeness to the woods and waters. This is a very attractive option for vacationers at a price of $ 500-800 per month.

For the money in the house should be all the amenities, furniture, kitchen with full appliances. But a house without hot water facilities and to pass it will be difficult. Also not in demand at home, standing alone away from settlements.


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