longwall trends in 2013 in real estate markets «favorite countries»

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Articles about real estate | longwall trends in 2013 in real estate markets «favorite countries» Many countries in the world, and actively buy property only in some. What was happening in real estate markets most popular among Russian buyers of this year?
Things to consider in preparation for the purchase in 2014 year. His opinion shared industry experts .

Bulgaria, Alexander Zvezdanov , Trem BG :

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" On the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in 2013 was a marked increase in real estate sales . In addition, the increased budget and buyers. In our company in the past year, the purchase amount is € 37-50 thousand, and in 2013 - already € 80-100 thousand

Demand for studio fell and the main interest has shifted towards one-bedroom apartments . While in 2013 cheap deals on the secondary housing market from the British and the Irish, who are in a bad financial situation , began to run . For the full year , we sold three times less than these apartments .

But happy new property . Quality of all the buildings was better than before the crisis and began to build more housing for buyers of medium and high class, although previously emphasized the housing for clients below average . "

Germany , Baumgertner Love , L & B Immobiliya:

" 2013 was a special year for the property market in Germany. Once again, sales increased due to increased demand from buyers , but on the other hand, the lack of proposals significantly slowed down the process. First of all , it concerns the apartments.

For many investors, the German real estate has become a reliable and safe way to invest against the overall global financial instability. At the same facilities in Germany are in demand from both foreign and local buyers . Actual population survey showed that more than 50% of respondents named real estate purchase the perfect investment.

First time in 2012-2013, experts talk about possible overheating of the market and the effect of the bubble . Of course, we are talking only about popular areas of large cities , primarily such as Munich, Hamburg , Frankfurt am Main and Düsseldorf . Real estate is overvalued by 20%. But the likelihood of bladder experts Federal Bank is very low. Moreover , while in other areas of the country due to lack of tension in the market there is a wide range of solid real estate at an acceptable cost . "

Greece , Julia Smagina , Albatros Property:

" In 2013, the selection of resort facilities close to the sea became limited. Wide offer anymore. We are referring , of course, spa facilities with a good location , near the sea. 95 % of all transactions - it is the purchase of real estate in the resorts . All new objects are sold very well , so the choice and no . In this regard, came to the fore the secondary real estate market .

I note that the Russians on the market in percentage was less. But this is not due to a decrease in interest on the Russian side , and to return to the market Germans, Dutch , Norwegians. But in the segment of expensive real estate Russian citizens remain out of competition.

Already started and will continue to sell the property to the sea and even at lower prices than they are now . Currently the threshold of entering the market only € 30,000 . Of course, the money can only buy an apartment in the old fund , but earlier and it was impossible. "

Spain , Yana Kravets , LEANGA SPB:

" No major changes this year will not happen. The main trend can be called stable consumer demand for property in Spain, as well as the increase in the number of proposals , both residential and commercial real estate . In addition, on the Costa Blanca , a large number of new projects under construction . "

Italy , Katerina Danekina , Love Calabria:

"The main new trend that we saw in 2013 - an increase in the number of clients that when choosing between the different regions of Italy , including expensive, such as Liguria , Tuscany, Calabria preferred .

Due to significant qualitative leap in the development , the region has reached a new level , while maintaining a very reasonable prices . Ie Calabria began to attract more affluent customers who can afford the most expensive real estate in the regions of Italy and Europe. Discerning tourists also were more likely to stop your choice on this region. "

Latvia , Andrew Kozel , REALIA PROPERTY:

"In 2013 there is a good increase in the number of transactions with non-residents , primarily Russians. This is largely due to the possibility of obtaining a residence permit when buying an object worth more than € 150 thousand

Increased demand for expensive real estate , most transactions take place in the price range from € 180 thousand to € 550 thousand were buying apartments , a private house in the center of Riga or Jurmala . "

Finland, Natalia Kotova , Country Plus:

" There were no significant differences in supply and demand in comparison with the year 2012 on the Finnish market is not, but more complicated the process of buying . In the fourth quarter of 2013th substantially complicate the procedure for opening accounts in Finnish banks for the Russians , causing increased time of the transaction. Banks throughout the Russians refused to open a current account.

In spite of this , the Russians continued to show interest in real estate in Finland. Our compatriots basically acquire home and garden for relaxing by the lake or near the pond. Also bought cheap apartments in the border areas with Russia , and there is little demand in Helsinki. In 2013, the bulk of transactions were concentrated in the South-East Finland within a radius of 150 km from the Russian -Finnish border . "

France , Team of RFC ESTATES:

" The real estate market in France continues to benefit from the total inflow of foreign buyers. Interest in real estate in Paris show investors from Russia, the Middle East, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

But prices continue to fall due to the planned increase in interest rates on loans, property tax and notary fees. Because of this, and also decreased the number of real estate transactions. Pour oil on the fire statements by politicians , the media distorted .

This part of the nervous atmosphere discourages foreign investors , and in fact people who are not tax resident in France , these changes do not apply to alleged » .

Montenegro , Alexei Smirnov , ADRIATIK STROINVEST:

"The number of transactions compared with 2012 increased by 20-25 % , but their prices have dropped by about a quarter . 60 - 65 % of sales are on a Budget options worth up to € 100 thousand , are also popular studio in 20-30 square meters , worth € 30-45 thousand

All objects and more interest is not ready housing and buy cheap plot for € 30-50 thousand and building on it a small one - floor house with estimated cost of € 50-60 thousand add that an important role in this was played by the law on " single window " that make life easier for developers to significantly . Now the project is approved within 30 days , and the state bodies themselves produce agreement with the utilities , etc.

The number of investors , most of whom are Russians investing in low-rise housing construction - home of 5-15 apartments , which implies a small amount of investments - € 400-700 thousand Due to this increase in the number of projects under construction , and accordingly - increased competition and hence - reducing the cost of housing by 8-10 % from the level in 2012 . "

Czech Republic , Maxim Pyetushkov , ASK company Praha sro:

" Trends in the all-new 2013 on the Czech market has not appeared . Observe the same , and that the last two or three years . The national average prices remain stable, more expensive housing in the capital alone . Also increases and becomes more and more clear division into rich buyers who purchase property from € 250,000 - € 300,000 , and the class of people shopping to € 100,000 . Because of this " slack " middle market segment - from € 100,000 to € 250,000 .

Housing in the Czech Republic became a great buy as an investment and not for personal use and residence and , at the same time , increasingly began to seek a mortgage. Loans to take even a small amount, approximately € 100,000 , and last year bought only such objects for real money .

Demand for real estate increased only in Karlovy Vary , Marianske Lazne and Prague. In the remaining regions neither I nor my colleagues this year did not have any trades just because people do not know them . I want to mention that real estate is not enough, the demand far exceeds the supply . "
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